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Overthinking place cards?

We are having a large but informal wedding and reception in a public park. We would like people to sit at picnic tables for the ceremony and have mapped out where to have the ceremony so everyone sitting can see us. We will have a few tables reserved for grandparents and parents, The tables seat 6 but we have enough tables to seat 4 per table if people want to sit in smaller groups or need more room.
My plan was to have the tables set with napkins, flatware and water bottles. The problem is what if people sit somewhere for the ceremony and forget where they were sitting or choose to sit elsewhere for the reception? My fiance doubts his family would write their name on a card and leave it at the table, I doubt my family would look for their name on a place card and remember to leave it at their spot.
Any creative ideas? Am I over thinking?

Re: Overthinking place cards?

  • You're overthinking it. People won't forget where they sat. Will people move around during the reception portion so they can talk to other people, yes. Would I put "Reserved for Bride's Parent" or 'Resevered for "Groom's Parents" or just "Reserved" and letting the parents know which table is theirs on specific tables you might want them to sit at, yes. But with this type of set up, I think that would be fine.

    Relax and enjoy your special day.
  • Thank you! I think I'm picking on small details so I can avoid the bigger ones. Procrastination at it's finest. Luckily I have less than a year to make myself crazy.
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