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Unity Candles Outside

How do you feel about doing unity candles outside? I'm scared that they might blow out if there is too much wind so we were thinking of doing unity sand. Do you think the candles will blow out? If they do, is that a bad omen? lol
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Re: Unity Candles Outside

  • I am having an outside ceremony (though it is under a large tent) and we are doing a unity candle.   My pastor suggested that our BM have matches or a lighter in his pocket just in case.  It's no big deal.
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  • I was in a wedding where they had a unity candle outside.  They had a hurricane vase over it, but it still blew out a couple of times.  I wouldn't go so far as to say it's a bad omen or anything, it's just the chance you take.  The bride and groom laughed about it and it was not that big of a deal.

    We had a sand ceremony for our outdoor wedding and it went great.  Pics in bio.
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  • We had a unity candle outside and it worked just fine for us.  We went into it with the attitude that we would laugh about if it blew out.  We didn't even have a hurricane, and the candles stayed lit until almost the very end.

    We did stray from the traditional by not having the moms light the outside candles at the start of the ceremony as we figured that they would not stay lit.  My husband and I each lit an outside candle and then immediately lit the center candle.  I feel this represented the same thing.
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  • How do you put hurricanes on a unity candle holder? Just curious I am having an outdoor ceremony as well.
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