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HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have no idea what I want to do for my wedding! I don't know color, or theme, or even a location.
The guest list and bridal party are the only things I have set.

My wedding is planned for June 21st, 2014 and it will take place somewhere in northwest Oregon.

How did you pick your wedding colors and theme?

Re: HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • For me?  I've always LOVED the water. The Ocean, Lake, River whatever.....I love being around it, and so does my fiancee'.  So we decided to get married outside by the water, and that turned into a "beach" theme.  Not over the top seashells or anything, just accents here and there, but an elegant, by the water wedding.
    I went with my fiancee' and my daughter (MOH, my second wedding), dress shopping, and she found a dress we all loved that was a coral/pink color. So that decided the "color", along with ivory which I am wearing, and a tan/sand color.

    We decided from the beginning to find the dress first, and then pick the color, which worked out fine for us. The coral/pink and ivory look beautiful together, and the coral set the tone for our linen accents and the BM dresses as well.

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  • I agree with PP. I picked my ceremony site first and then found a dress that was amazing for that venue and everything else fell into place around it. I was an art major in college so I'm obsessed with color. I had thought that colbalt blue and pewter could be a really elegant color combination until i got to David's Bridal and other dress shops and realized that almost anything close to Colbalt blue was actually Royal blue and as a die hard White Sox Fan, I refused to have anything Chicago Cubs colored at my wedding.

    After some more searching and playing with colors I decided on Navy and Wisteria for my bridesmaid dress/ jr bridesmaids with ivory and sage green as accents. I planned my wedding in 6 months so you have PLENTY of time to play with colors. One thing I liked to do was go and steal paint chips from home depot or lowes/ I cut them out and played with color combinations and pinned them onto my fridge. It was nice to ignore them for 2 days and then come back to them and see if i still liked them together.

    Also as a Tip: don't ask your bridal party yet. Wait until 6 months before. ALOT can change in the next two years and you don't want to become close to someone else and realize that you would rather kick someone out.
  • I soooo wouldn't stress about it. You've got plenty of time. As for me. I picked lavender as my main wedding color because I think it's pretty and I love all shades of purple. The wedding invites I like have this pearl color on them. So I added pearl a month or 2 later. Then I added a dark royal purple for good measure and to match the venue. The venue is a castle, so I figured the dark purple would be regal looking. We chose butterflies as our theme because my FI has a tattoo of a butterfly because it's his "Indian Guide Animal" (long story.... ) Plus I think they're pretty... And I love that tattoo. Lol. So I just kind of took into consideration our style, venue and things that mean something to us.  
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  • Hrm, these decisions are all very personal ones, I'm not sure if advice from us is really going to give you a clear direction.  I'll give it a try though

    For colors, if you really have no preferences after browsing pictures of receptions themes (TheKnot has an entire gallery divided by color), then just pick your two most favorite colors.

    For venue, honestly unless you have your heart set on something ahead of time, the pricing and avialability you find during your research will have more sway than anything else.  Start researching.  You'll start developing preferences immediately.

    And as far as theme goes, you actually don't have to have one.  Being married is my theme *shrug*.  Generic wedding decorations are kind of impossible to clash, and honestly any customization you do is going to just be to please yourself.  So if it doesn't please you and stresses you, don't have a theme.
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  • I can't believe no one recommended this yet... PINTEREST!!  If you don't have an account already, get one!  The easiest way to join is to have someone invite you (they'll  need your e-mail - if any of your friends have pinterest, ask them to invite you).  Pinterest is LOADED with amazing wedding ideas.  That is what helped me find a theme that fit my style.
  • I agree with PP - just look around. When you get to looking at what other people have done for their big day, you'll start to form opinions of what you like and don't like about what they did, and then you'll begin to realize what it is that you'd want to have on your day! 
    From the beginning, I knew the basic theme I wanted, but wasn't sure how to carry it out. So I looked around and after a while, I knew things I wanted to include and things I didn't want at all. It'll come to you - just take some time and scope some things out!
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  • Theme...remember it us YOUR day. I can tell you Im getting married in a barn but my dress is what I WANTED. If your stands out then good, you need to stand out. My wedding has a rustic theme but my dress is over the top with pearls and it is ivory which does fit the theme but I did not do that because of my wedding location, its just the dress I fell in love with. Trust me a theme with fall in place, it happens without you trying because if your buying then its what you like so you have an idea in your head what you want and the theme will come
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