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wedding arch on the beach

do i have to have a wedding arch on the beach? i just hate to think about covering up the beautiful background of the ocean...but what do you guys think??

Re: wedding arch on the beach

  • Absolutely not! Our ceremony is not on the beach, but on a cliff overlooking the ocean. We're strongly considering having no arch or any type of "altar" decor. The location is so gorgeous that it's not necessary.
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    No way! Honestly, I hate wedding arches - they always look slightly crooked and I think they take away from a beautiful environment, not add to it.

    I think beach weddings are beautiful with little to no decoration, like this:

    Here is a pic from my beach wedding.  As you can see the end of our aisle was two palm trees and very little decor.  
  • we will get married on the beach at our home.  We are making a chuppah for the entrance from the lawn to the beach but will leave the beach as it is.

    Like you said the beautiful natural scenery doesn't need anything else.
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