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So I painted our monogram on an aisle runner when we were planning on having our wedding in a chapel. The plans have changed now and the ceremony is going to be outside, on grass. I know most people fear aisle runners and outdoor weddings, but is there any thing I can do to still use my runner? I really love it. I was wondering if  products like Sole Mates or Dive Dilemma would prevent puncturing the runner. Thoughts?

Re: Aisle Runner

  • If it is a plastic runner, I don't really think there is much you can do. I've never used either of those products, but maybe you could google them and search for reviews of them. I was going to use an aisle runner, but changed my mind because I don't want to cause any tripping or bunching, so we are just going to line the aisle with rose petals most likely. But if we were going to use one, then we would use a fabric aisle runner.
  • Yeah it's a fabric runner. The products I am considering are to prevent heels from digging into the ground and ruining. I thought they might make it easier to walk on the runner. 
  • For my sister's wedding, we are going to limit the number of people that walk down the aisle to the party.  Then because the area is near a lake and could potentially be damp, I plan on buying some form of carpet to put under the runner and the ceremony site to help prevent sinking in and keep her dress clean.  I have seen several weddings on WE where they have done this outside.  Just make sure the carpet looks nice - no fake plastic green grass. ;-) To save money you could always just back the aisle runner with a carpet or painters canvas if you don't want to "carpet" more of the area. 

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