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any information about tent receptions??

hey ladies we have been planning to do a tent reception outside and i was just curious if anyone knows how the pricing runs for this or if someone had a budget breakdown for the tent, tent linings, lighting and such. or if anyone has good ideas to help keep the cost down for this.  we are expecting about 250 guests.  thanks!!

Re: any information about tent receptions??

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    I think it mostly depends on your area, in terms of costs. For where I live, to rent a tent that large to accommodate 250 people, it would probably cost between $1000-$1500. Also I know that having to buy lights and things that indoor venues would normally provide can be quite costly. You will have to just shop around in your local area for prices. You may want to post this on your local to see if anyone has any good vendor experience to help you out.
  • You definitely need to get quotes from your area.  We had a 40x80 tent with perimeter lighting, sidewalls (they zipped on and off) and no pole covers and it was about $1700.   I've heard of the same thing being much higher/lower in other places (we were in VT) so you must must must get quotes from as many places as you can and ask for actual references where you can talk to people who wiill speak about the quality of the tent and setup etc.
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  • I'm in So. FL and we're doing a tent reception for about 75. Significantly lower number than you, so this may all be irrelevant. With tent/tables/linens chairs blah blah etc it's $2500-$3000. We haven't finalized everything. We're doing most of the lighting ourselves though. And we're also renting a bathroom, so our price is higher than yours may be for that. HTH. Definitely get quotes from people in your area though. 
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