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Show off your wedding venue! PIP!

Let's see your outdoor location of where you're getting or have gotten married! Also if you're holding your Cocktail Hour and/or Reception outside, feel free to post a picture! PIP please!

I'll go first.. We're getting married in a beautiful garden.

Re: Show off your wedding venue! PIP!

  • I'm getting married in my back yard.  These pictures were taken during the winter so things are brown and not lush.  Use your imagination! :)

    Look from the back of the house:

  • I'm lurking to get ideas for a garden party this summer and unfortunately my venue (my backyard) is currently covered by 4 feet of snow.  I'd post a pic but it would be all white.

    Dudley:  Your venue is awesome!

    Babycakes(lol  still love it):  Your yard looks like mine.  What are you going to do with the deck?  Wrap it with anything?
  • Yeah Anna, I'm goint to do a little to spruce it up.  I need to give it some more thought.
  • Thanks Anna! I can't wait!
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    [QUOTE]Yeah Anna, I'm goint to do a little to spruce it up.  I need to give it some more thought.
    Posted by bbyckes[/QUOTE]

    Maybe hit up lowes, Home Depot or whatever for those flower boxes that hook onto the side of the deck rail and then have some sort of flower?
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    I love your location, Duds!

    Bby, a nice balloon arch should spruce that deck right up! :)

    Fairy, I like that pavillion! Very woodsy and pretty.

    Here is mine. The first shot is from beyond the arch, where the family sat.

    WEDDING PRO PICS 331.jpg

    WEDDING PRO PICS 393.jpg

  • Thanks Bec! I think this is my first time seeing your ceremony pictures. I must have only seen the reception! They're absolutely gorgeous!
  • I love your pics, Bec!

    You really think a balloon arch?  I never thought of that.  Not too prom-like?
  • We are getting married at the Tiffany & Co. Garden in downtown Chicago south of the Buckingham Fountain, this garden was just opened last Sept and I can't wait to get married there!!!
  • That was a joke, bby! Sorry! NO balloon arch, and I desperately need a sarcasm font! LOL I love anna's idea of flower boxes...

    I have some pro pics in my bio now, duds. Thanks for the compliments! They are not in order, but they show pretty much everything from the ceremony to reception to trick-or-treating to after party. :)
  • HI,
    My daughter is getting married on Thompson Island in July-can't wait!!



  • apple_greenapple_green member
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    Ceremony on a cliff over the ocean:

    Reception on the outdoor patio of a restaurant:

    Very happy with our venue choices!
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  • Thank you for clarifying, bec!  I was seriously thinking, wtf? haha
  • We got married in the Ella Sharp Park Rose Garden.  It was in September so there weren't any roses but it was still beautiful.  We ended up getting a tent which I was happy about since it was perfect weather that day and so sunny :-)

  • This is Glenn Otto Community Park in Troutdale Oregon.
    View of the river from the bridge.

    Small meadow for the ceremony.

    The Bridge overlooking the river

    We have a hall for the reception too but I have noooo pictures for that.
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  • Omigosh, everyone has such beautiful venues!!  This makes me so happy that we decided to get married outside too...here is the Franklin Park Conservatory garden where we are planning to marry in September in Columbus, Ohio:

    It has an indoor "Palm House" as a back-up plan in case it rains:

    We paid entirely too much for it though haha. 
  • the picture is being taken from the deck surrounding the house where the reception will be held. no pictures of that, boo.


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    All of these venues are so beautiful!

    Here are  some pics from my wedding at a private estate in Islamorada, FL (Florida Keys).

    View at entrance:

    Ceremony site (before):

    During ceremony:

    Reception site (before):

    On a pier after the ceremony:

    Having dinner on the beach:


  • Part of my backyard where the Ceremony will be..  the rest of the yard will be the reception. We didnt' mow before I took this pic.. lol

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  • I'm new to this board, but my wedding will be outside at a Renaissance Faire.  We're going to be in an outside chapel, then they will have a tent setup near a tavern for the reception.  I only have a pic of the chapel so far.

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