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aisle decorations for an outdoor wedding

i need help with creative ideas for aisle decorations for an outdoor wedding, i have seen a couple things i like, but havent really saw anything i love. does anyone have any ideas at all? i would much appreciate them as being my wedding is very soon. do you think the shepherd hook look would be good and just rose pedals? HELP PLEASE!
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Re: aisle decorations for an outdoor wedding

  • I personally have used the website www.pinterest.com
    there is a lot of random stuff on there but you can find the most beautiful ideas for out door weddings if you are patient enough to scroll through. I think the website has a search bar were you could search outdoor weddings as well.. It really does have a lot of cute ideas thats where I got all of my Ideas from! :)
  • We're using shepard's hooks to hang mason jars with flowers.  After the ceremony we're moving the mason jars to be part of the centerpieces.  Also, I agree with mnuessen, Pinterest has been extremely helpful to me.  Good luck!
  • I'm planning on using shepherd's hooks for my outdoor wedding and depending on the price I want to hang vases with flowers.  I've seen some pictures and it looks gorgeous.  We are also planning on have rose petals.  Go look on pinterest for ideas, I just joined it and they have so great ideas!
  • I'm planning on using shepherd hooks as well for mine and pinterest definitely has a lot of good ideas for aisle decor :) For those of you using shepherd hooks, what size are you going to use 48"? and where are you purchasing them from?
  • I'm using shepards hooks and hanging lanterns with small candles in them and going to line them to extend the aisle out. Instead of an aisle runner we are lining it with red rose petals. 

    heres a couple outdoor examples i've found....

  • I'm looking into using shepherds hooks or wood rounds with candles and vases of flowera
  • We are having a decorated arch and then just loose flower petals in a swirl design down the aisle for our outdoor ceremony.
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  • I was thinking about using smaill shepards hooks with rose balls hanging from them, now I'm wondering if the would blow off if there's wind.  Has anyone else done this?
  • I'm making small balls of silk blue hydragnea. They'll be tied with ribbon which will hang off the top of the aisle-facing chairs.

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