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Bee/insect allergic--options?

Hello all.  My fiance and I want to hold a small, private outdoor wedding followed by a much larger indoor reception in our area.  Outdoor is important for me out of religious considerations:  I'm Wiccan.  As a general rule, outdoor is strongly preferred in my faith because our ancestors always worshipped "under the open sky"--hence why stone henge has no roof.  My fiance is Christian.  We want a deeply religious, inter-faith ceremony attended by only closest family/friends and those needed for each of our wedding elements.  I am thinking about 45 minutes to 1 hour long.

I am hoping he will agree to May 25, 2013 as this is the only full moon date on a saturday in spring/summer I have located within the general time frame we want to marry in.

Unforunately for me with this religious consideration, I am near fatally allergic to not only bees and wasps, but ALL insects.  Before moving to PA to be with my fiance, I lived in Brooklyn, NY for a long time--and often had cockroach infestations that proved the seriousness of my allergies.  There is NOT ONE insect I've encountered that will not create my allergic reaction if I come in contact with it either directly or indirectly.

I want a rose and lavender bouquet (lavender is not only beautiful, my favorite color, and smells wonderful, but has very important religious symbolism), most likely a Renaissance nosegay (which is smaller and looser than modern nosegays) to match my 16th century gown.

However, I read that lavender is the FIRST FLOWER that bees are attracted to.

My gown will be lavender silk with a white linen underskirt overlain with white silk organza.

My first question is this:  can I safely have a fresh flower bouquet at my ceremony--or do I need to forego this for my reception in the interests of safety?  Are there rose varieties that have less scent and therefore less attractive to insects?

How is late May in terms of the presence of bees and insects?  How active are they?

What are my options for having my outdoor wedding without worrying about 80% + of my skin errupting into boils from the insect exposure?

It is very important to me religiously to be outside.  At the same time, I prefer to get through all our celebrations without medical professionals getting involved.

What steps can I take to be more safe from the bugs?
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