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What type of gown are you wearing for your Outdoor Wedding?

We are on a tight budget. I found a few gowns I would be very happy to wear and am now looking online for those gowns used. One of them has poped up as a sample and is in my budget. However it is a full A line gown, somewhat of a ball gown. Did anyone else wear a fuller gown?

Re: What type of gown are you wearing for your Outdoor Wedding?

  • I'm wearing more of a ball gown type dress! I have pictures of it in my bio under, "Bride's Attire." I originally wanted something lighter with less fabric, but I fell in love with my dress and it will be so worth it.
  • I'm wearing a gown with a full skirt, but definitely not a ball gown. I picked it before we had decided on an outdoor ceremony. I still would have picked it had we already planned on having an outdoor wedding. Go it if you like it!
  • Mine is from Mori Lee. It's actually a bridesmaid dress, light blue, knee length, and strapless. I'm not into the traditional gowns, and anything at my feet would get filthy anyway since we're outside. Plus, our wedding colors are blue and white so it fits perfectly. It's light, flowy, can't wait to wear it.
  • I am wearing something that is somewhat of a ALine dress but is made of Taffeta, so it is light weight, I think something also to consider is the time of year you are getting married, my wedding is October, so I think I could have gotten away with a heavy dress if I wanted one:)
  • I am wearing a tea length Alferd Angelo from the little white dress collection.  I can't imagine wearing a "gown" outside in the grass the entire day. 

  • I had 2 dresses.  The first was more formal for our Catholic church ceremony.  The second one I changed in to once I got hot at the reception.  And boy did I ever get hot.  The second one was that much easier to dance in.  I changed at some point after our first dance but before we cut the cake.  

    #1 - Paloma Blanca - strapless mermaid

    #2 - BCBG find on e-bay!

  • I decided that poofy was a no no after my best friend fell at her wedding while trying to do the electric slide. So I wend for a sweep train and a sheath silhouette. Plus her dress was sooo heavy and it just took away from her day because it held her back, she couldn't participate in the party.

    This is the dress I went with:

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  • Carts, I love your dress, great choice!
  • I am also having an outdoor wedding in August, and originally I also thought I would get a lighter, lacy dress...but I found mine and fell in love with it!  It has a bubble hem, a semi-big train, and a slender fit up top..but then flows out a little.  So...it's not "huge" and ball gowny--but it's still has the "wedding gown" feel...so I'm hoping it's still ok for an outdoor wedding!  But the reception will be indoors, so I figured it would be ok.  If you love it - get it! 
  • I am getting married in June in Georgia, so I went for a strapless- mermaid style dress...more my style! But like the bridal consultant told me, it's your day and nobody will challenge your decision! I hope you enjoy your choice! Smile
  • Pics in married bio.  It was actually a "special occassions" dress from David's Bridal so it was less than $200.
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  • You know your dress and your venue. It's your wedding, if you love the full A-line, go for it. Just make sure it is something that you will be (reasonably) comfortable in; really heavy silk with lots of fabric may not be the best for an outdoor wedding in July in Texas.

    I'm wearing an A-line with a bit of a crinoline, but not too full from JCrew. I'm really happy because even with alterations, it's coming in under budget!!! Yay!
  • I haven't actually bought one yet but looking at long in back with no train, shorter in front.  I am an older bride so poofy doesn't work for me.
  • I'm wearing a Maggie Sottero dress, Fredricka. It's about $600 and beautiful! But it's a more fitted dress.

  • This is my dress a Mori Lee. We're getting married at a Plantation in Charleston, SC. in May.
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  • i wore a Maggie Sabelle in October...it had gotten too cool to have the nighttime reception outdoors so the 2nd part of the wedding was inside.  My dress was taffeta...I would have worn this dress anywhere anytime!


  • my sister wore a huge ball gown for her outdoor wedding. go with the dress  you want.

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  • I am having ceremony and reception outside and wearing Maggie Sottero's Irina dress, which is a slim A-line with sweep train and very light.  I think it is going to be a wonderful choice for an outdoor wedding, and when bustled should be fine for dancing.  But when it all comes down to it, the one is the one, so just go with your heart. 

  • My wedding ceremony is outdoors on a deck and then the party moves inside...in mid April at 5000ft elevation near Yosemite.  My dream was to have a silk gown, and my Mon Cheri Sabrina Toy princess gown is exactly what I had in mind...and as a $250.00 sample (shipping included) that is pristine and had tags attached, I really couldn't turn it down.  Bought it on ebay and could not be happier.
  • we are doing an outdoor ceremony in september with a reception in a tent. my dress is knee length taffeta sheath pictured below from davids bridal.
    i considered tea length, but fell in love with this one when i tried it on.
    i'm a clutz so anything with a train is out of the question, i just know i would fall over myself lol plus with our ceremony being in the afternoon on  a farm, i felt full legnth would be too formal and too easily soiled
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  • This is my dress! It's a Mia Solano and I took the straps off the top and turned it into a sweetheart strapless. It has a full skirt but it's made of very soft and breathable organza material so it's light and flowy. My hope is that it will look flowing and beautiful in the wind as I am walking down the aisle :)

    This is our ceremony site.
  • **Mutley** I am considering buying a separate dress for the reception, where did you find your BCBG dress, it's LOVELY!
  • Im wearing a Melinda by Maggie Sottero. I LOVE my dress! I was going to get a more simple gown, but once I tried this one on my mind was made up. Only concern is walking down the aisle outside. I dont want to get the train dirty! (Our reception is indoors)
  • My dress is Grace Kelly by Maggie Sottero.  It's more formal than I had originally thought I wanted, but it is so me, my mom insisted I get it.
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    I am getting married in Aug. in Virginia...so it will most likely be hot and humid. I thought I wanted a lightweight dress as well. But wound up with a fuller dress from Alfred Angelo.


    I will probably be hot in the dress...but I absolutely LOVE the way I look and feel in it so I'll just have to deal with being hot! :) Go with the dress that makes you feel fabulous and nothing less!

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  • I originally planned on doing a tea length and more informal dress for our small outdoor wedding, but I found this one on Saturday and fell in love with it. It's gorgeous, but it's not too heavy for an outdoor ceremony. :o)
  • I will be wearing a gorgeous La Sposa dress, Galilea.  It is spanish silk/lace with intricate beading.  We are doing a destination wedding in Jamaica, but I still wanted to feel like a bride.  The dress is a beautiful mix of old world meets modern.  I'm currently trying to find real vintage earings with a blue or turqoise stone to be my something blue.  Would be much easier if they didn't have to be gold since the threading in the dress is all gold. 

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