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Hi Everyone!

Does anyone know of a venue (museum, library, hotel etc.) where they will let you take pictures in there without having your reception there? Needs to be either in downtown Philadelphia, or within a 20 minute ride of the city.

Thanks in advance for any help/ideas.


Re: Free Indoor Wedding Photos

  • Ask on the Philly board, this one is international.
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  • Ditto Dani. You won't find much help here. Post this on your local board, which can be found on the left by clicking on, "Local Wedding Boards."
  • The famous Philly Art Museum - of course! but not allowed inside, just the outside which is gorgeous in itself. Its a common place used for student and professional photoghraphers to take pics of the building or their models. Plus the water fountains out front & a small park-like for another backdrop. 

    and dont forget the Rocky statue - he's standing out front. Lol. 

    a very special place.   

    That's my fav place back home. 

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