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to assign seating or not...

Hi im just curious about this...my wedding is very laid back and i am having smaller tables which sit 4-5, andthey will be spread out, around the pool, on the porch etc.We are not having a proper sit down meal it will  either be a buffet or heavy hor doeuvres and desserts. I just have quite a few guests about 6 (around 50 guests altogether) who dont know n e one else, and would probably feel awkward about sitting at someone elses table(without a prompt) and i feel that if i assign seating maybe that will help....ive just never seen assigned seating for a casual wedding before....opinions please :)

Re: to assign seating or not...

  • I really think there is no need to post this on multiple boards.
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  • ahh i posted it and then went back and couldnt find it(obv i posted it on a diff board) sorry ......how do i delete it?
  • I don't think you can once someone responds to it.  No biggie.  It was just on the 2 of the first 3 boards I looked at and I thought I was going to find it on more. 

    FWIW, this board is kind of slow.  You will likely continue to get better responses on the receptions board.

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  • ok thanks ....ill remember that in future :)
  • I definately say don't assign! We have 120 ppl and we're not assigning.  They will mingle somewhat either way...and thats if they want to!
  • Since you are not having a sit down dinner, I would not assign seating.
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  • LabrnrLabrnr member
    Same here, not assigning seating.  People can sit where they like.
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  • I was going back and forth in my mind as well for my wedding. I'm having 150 people with a buffet and I know there are a few couples that don't know anyone else there. I decided against seating assignments. I think it will all work out fine. For your situation I also say don't bother with assigned seating. If there's no real sit down meal then there is no need to formally sit down at a seat.
  • We're having a buffet style meal for our wedding (approx. 150 guests), and we are not planning on assigning seats.  The plan as of now is to "reserve" some of the closest tables to our sweetheard table for our immediate family and wedding party.  Other than that, our guests can sit anywhere they please.
  • I have been to weddings without assigned seating and they were chaos.  Everyone is scrambling around and people were hoarding tables/seats like they were going out of style.  It's pain in the butt to assign tables to people but I think it is more of  a pain to see people run around like chickens without a head. For the smaller size wedding probably not such an issue but think i might be for the bigger ones, just from my experience.
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  • kjreedkjreed member
    I am having a wedding of 50 people and I am not going to bother stressing myself out over assigned seating.  I  will do 2 tables "reserved" for immeadiate family and everyone else will be able to sit where they like and feel comfortable.
  • Perhaps you can let a couple of social friends/family members (that aren't in the WP) know that there will be a few people there that don't know anybody. Ask them if they wouldn't mind involving them in conversation or inviting them to sit at their table if the need arises.

    With any luck, things will go smoothly on there own, but if you have a few social butterfly friends then they probably won't mind:)

    Good luck!

  • I go with no assigned seating, but only because it's a small wedding AND because you're having the buffet.

    In general, I'm in favor of seating assignments.   I've been to enough weddings where it was sit-where-you-please and it's chaos; some families had to negotiate with other guests so that they could all sit together (including one where it was two parents and 3 small children).  
  • Even though we're having a small wedding AND a buffet style meal, we're still doing assigned seating. It's a pain in the butt but like a PP mentioned, it's even worse to watch people play musical chairs at your reception. Honestly we're doing assigned seating simply because a couple of people either a) don't know anyone there or b) don't get along with another guest, so we just want to avoid any drama or hassle. I also really don't want to see people scooting tables together (which I KNOW my FI family will do).
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