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Veils and Wind

Is anyone having an outdoor ceremony also wearing a veil?  If so how are you preparing incase it is windy.  I saw a video recently and the poor girl had to keep brushing her veil out of her face.  I'm thinking of doing a cathedral (I think that's the name for the long one) veil and also having little gem things on it to try to weigh it down but I have no idea if that can compete with potential wind.


Re: Veils and Wind

  • There was a post related to this somewhat recently on the Attire board.  I think that cathedral length plus crystals to weigh it down will probably keep it out of your face, but if you're really concerned, I would wear it in a way that's really easy to take out so that you can make the last-minute decision if it's really bothering you.  Or you could pin/clip it along your head so that it stays out of your face, even if it blows behind you.

    FWIW, it was pretty windy on our wedding day and my elbow/fingertip-length veil was in my face for a few of our first look pictures, but not an issue during the ceremony.  We got some photos that I really loved out of it.  As for the ceremony, when I turned to face my husband as I got to the end of the aisle, I simply moved it to one side and it was fine for the rest of the time.  As we walked down the aisle after, I needed to adjust it one more time, and that was it.  Overall, I thought that it was only a minor inconvenience and loved the look of it blowing in the wind, so I'm glad it was windy!
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  • Thanks! I'll check out the attire board as well!
  • i am concerned about this as well. I just saw another idea of attaching fishing weights to the hem of the veil in more blustery wind. They do make clear ones but i'm afraid they might get caught in the grass.  
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