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We've decided on a "Green" wedding!

So...since I picked the colors: Green,Ivory, and Mocha...we've decided to have a "Green" wedding. I'm super stoked about it. We've never really been eco conscious, but I figured it would be the perfect time to make some changes in our lives. I found a website:www.green-wedding.net It's a whole webpage devoted to having an eco friendly wedding!!! They have the cutest favors that I know will be a hit! I'm just soooo excited about the wild flower place cards that guests can actually plant!!!  Anyway, we're really excited about lifestyle changes in our future!!!

 One of the eco friendly bamboo favors!!!

Re: We've decided on a "Green" wedding!

  • yay for green weddings!  have you tried http://green-wedding.net/blog/ yet?  they have pretty good ideas on there.  Also, there's an "Eco-Friendly" board (under Wedding Themes) too.
  • I went to a green wedding last year.  The food was all locally grown, the favors were reuseable grocery bags, the centerpieces were potted herbs that guests could take home.  Everything was done on recycled paper.  The seating cards were actually rocks with our names written on them in gold pen.  Very cool!
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  • First of all...good for you! Even little changes make a difference. Second, one thing to think about is that ordering 'eco-friendly' favors and other things turns out not to be very eco-friendly. Think about all the miles and gas it takes to get those favors to you, and the waste produced while making them. Buy something local to your wedding venue for a green solution. 
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