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Cheesey or Cute?

Hello ladies!

My FI and I plan on getting married in June with an outside ceremony.

I was trying to think of something cute but not too cheesey to give as gifts/favors for our guests. I came across sunglasses that you can customise with wordings. I was thinking I could have a table set up (or put them on the chairs) with the programs and anyone who wanted a pair could take one.

I was going to get ones that would match our wedding color and have our names & date on them.

Does it sound too cheesey or cute? What do you think?

Re: Cheesey or Cute?

  • I don't think it's cheesy but honestly I would tell you not to waste your money.  Sunglasses are a kind of personal thing.  You'd do better giving an edible favor.  
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    [QUOTE]I don't think it's cheesy but honestly I would tell you not to waste your money.  Sunglasses are a kind of personal thing.  You'd do better giving an edible favor.  
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    Yea, you're probably right. Thanks!
  • I agree that edible favors are the way to go. First, realize favors are optional and not required. So you could skip them and be fine etiquette-wise. If you choose to do favors, I think there are very very few (if any) favors besides edible ones that guests will truly use and enjoy.

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  • Anything you plan to put your name and wedding date on is not a good idea. Would you wear a pair of sunglasses that said Addie and Jimmy March 24, 2012?  Even I wouldn't. 
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  • Figured as much. Thanks!
  • Would be extremely cute as custom-decorated sugar cookies or brownies, though!!!  (sunglass-shape, frosted in your wedding colors with your names and date written on them)
  • With it being an outdoor wedding have you thought of checking into the programs that can be used as fans? I think it's basically printed on a very heavy card stock attached to a nice handle. That would be very practical yet fun way to do your program.

    For favors, I've seen on Oriental trading they have book marks where in the paper there are seeds. You personalize the bookmark when you order it, guests can then take them home after the wedding & plant the bookmark & in shortley they will get some flowers & think you when they look at the flowers. I wanted to do that for my wedding by I figured with it being a November wedding no one would remember they had them in the spring.
  • I think they are cheesy and are a waste of money, but if you have it in your budget, why not get a buch in your colors without a name/date to stick with the programs? If someone forgot their sunglasses, cheesy ones are better than naught. And you can just donate the leftovers.

    OT has some that range from $8-15/dozen. Get maybe  3/4 dozen? It's a cute extra, but not a good favor
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  • My FI and I are doing the same thing.  We are getting married in my backyard which is big enough for our small wedding and we decided to give our friends and family little cards with our first initials and date in fancy writing that we had a card company in our town that was willing to do it for us. Just simple and easy that wasn't to personal for people.

    I agree with previous posters that sunglasses are personal although the thought was cute I think you should do the Names and Date on something that people would wear.
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    If we have it in the budget, my fiance and I are considering having a table set up with the black sunglasses from OT with a sign that says "Don't be blinded by our love!" - stole the idea from Pinterest but thought it'd be cute for our beach ceremony.

    ETA: These are not our favors. Our favors will be M&Ms in our wedding colors inside a bottle with a cork stopper - sort of like what you'd think of as a "message in a bottle" kind of thing. But with chocolate.
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