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Outdoor wedding in Florida; worries about temperature?

We found a beautiful place for the ceremony and reception. The reception is inside, the ceremony is outside. We're in Florida and the weddingis in June..what are your thoughts on the temperature? I'm rethinking it because of humidity and heat. It's an evening wedding, probably around 5:00 and it's shaded. I'm worried about it, not only for the guests but for me and my bridesmaids with our hair and makeup. The bridesmaids have short dresses so they should be okay.But do you think it'll be too bad or should I change it to indoor? The ceremony should only be around 20 minutes.

Re: Outdoor wedding in Florida; worries about temperature?

  • My wedding ceremony was outdoors in Gainesville Memorial weekend last year.  It was hot and was raining just before the ceremony start time so it was also really humid.  Our guests were shaded the majority of time and we also served drinks before the ceremony (like lemonade, water, and soft drinks) to help keep the guests comfortable.  We didn't hear any complaints from our guests.  Some actually let us know how nice it was to have some refreshments before hand.  This might be a good idea for you.
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    We had a short 20 minute ceremony outdoors in June as well. Ceremony was at 6 pm.   There were several large oak trees on the lawn so it was pretty shady.  We had water bottles available on the veranda of the reception hall and opened up the hall for early arrivers to wait indoors in the AC.  Our pastor announced when it was time for the guests to go out, approx 5 minutes before the actual ceremony.  We also had paper fans by the guest book so people could use those.  I don't remember it being as terrible as I expected it to be, even in my dress.  I mean, it was hot but I've been way more uncomfortable outdoors in other situations.

    ETA: we also made sure guests new ahead of time via website and word of mouth that it would be outdoors and that we encouraged them to dress as comfortably (shoes too) as they wanted.  Most of the guys wore khakis and golf shirts and lots of women wore sun dresses.
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    I think the where in Florida makes a HUGE difference in the month of June. Having lived in several parts of the state all of my life I can say that the heat in Miami is not the same as it is in Gainesville or Orlando. I would also consider that it rains EVERY afternoon in the summer in Florida, mostly short bursts but still rain nonetheless. I would provide fans or parasols for guests and bottled water or cosider a tent or some draping. In June , the Florida heat can often be unbearable for the elderly and babies so consider them as well.

    At 5 pm the intensity of the heat is mostly gone but you definetly need to consider the humidity even if the ceremony is short. YOU will be outside taking pics, etc and I have lost many a good hairstyle in 15 minutes despite the best spritzing efforts.

    Good luck!
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