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when to decorate for outdoor wedding

Our wedding is early August and outdoors at our house on the deck...do we decorate the night before or wait till that morning? The wedding is at 1:30pm so I would prefer not to have to rush and decorate that morning when everything else is going on and I wouldn't be there to help...also afraid that it will rain on all the decor though...maybe just play it by ear on the weather when time gets closer...just stressing a little about it and seeing what others did in maybe the same situation??

Re: when to decorate for outdoor wedding

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    My wedding is outside but it's under a tent so we can decorate way beforehand... But we are not setting up the chairs for the ceremony until Friday evening our wedding is Saturday evening. If you are really concerned about the weather I would see if you could get a couple people rallied together to decorate that morning, maybe starting real early in the morning? But I would definitely wait until closer to the wedding to decide you never know what mother nature is going to do.
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  • My H does production work and does a lot of weddings. I wanted to set our tables the night before, but he told me the table linens get dirty if a breeze picks up. I took everything to the site the night before in rubbermaid bins and the moms set the tables a couple hours before the reception. I can't remember, but I think we just propped the chairs up where they belonged but didn't unfold them until the tables were being set.
  • Thanks ladies, that helps :) I will probably just wait till closer to time to "freak out" about it LOL May get up early myself and help set up because I doubt I will be able to sleep anyway LOL I can't wait to marry my best friend :)
  • I like the wayballet dawn did her wedding. Set up tables and put chairs at their table the night before but wait until day of to set up linens and centerpieces. You can organize them in bins and go crazy. If you have people helping you you could take a picture of how you want each table set up to save time if they're complicated.
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    Decorate in the morning.   If you decorate the night before, you risk wind, storms, etc. wrecking all of the hard work that's been done.  Find some friends or family who can help out and don't worry about it.

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