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Should I feel this way...??

So here it goes (sigh) This is extremely long. Feel free to call me crazy. I'm taking this opportunity to vent. Sorry girls this post is also on the Woes board, too.

For the last 4 months, I've been planning my dream reception on our private land tucked away in the country.. Big Beautiful green spacious fields. Gorgeous! Outdoors under a large white tent in the evening draped with white lights everywhere. I thought I could make it look like something out of a bridal magazine. You know..one of those articles that show off the beauty of an outdoor reception under a big beautiful white tent draped with fabric and covered in paper lanterns.

Well..four months and a lot of nightmares later, I think I have officially chickened out. Here's the thing...Sure it will be beautiful because we literally start with a blank canvas to decorate. Everything will be personalized by us from the linens, tables, centerpieces, etc. That's the part I love.

The part I DON'T love is this:
Porter Potties (yeah. real classy)
Generators for Electricty
Extension cords from Generator to the tent.
Renting a $1500.00-$2,000.00 Tent
Renting sides for that tent if it decides to storm
Smothering hot in the tent with sides while storming outside
Wishing I had Air Conditioning
My cake melting because of the 98 degree August humidity
Keeping food hot or cold with hot boxes/ ice tables (we're making the food)
Renting a portable Bar & providing liquor
Figuring out parking arrangements in a field
Hoping the field isn't wet & cars getting stuck
Renting a dance floor for $600.00
Feeling terrible for my guests that are missing their AC at home
Feeling pretty bad for my Groom & his men in hot tuxes

SO... This list could go on but I think you've got the point. I have officially put a lot of deep thought into changing my game plan and renting a reception hall for ONLY $300.00 that has a kitchen with freezers, ovens, sinks, etc., clean bathrooms, air conditioning, a dance floor, a bar with a bartender, and air conditioning ...Oh did I mention air conditioning?? Of course we have to decorate it, rent the tables/chairs/linens and make it very, very beautiful..it would just be more convenient for everyone. And quite possibly prevent a stroke for myself. I must say..I have realized I have a low stress tolerance.

Please tell me I'm making the right choice based on the facts here, ladies. Although I won't have the big OO LAA LAA factor with a GORGEOUS outdoor reception I've always dreamed of, I will still have a reception, we will still be beautifully married outdoors, and our guests won't leave hungry or thirsty.

I told myself I will make a definite decision by this Sunday. I have two days to tell the reception hall manager yes or no.

Am I doing the right thing making my, my FH's, and my family's life the easiest? But by sacrificing outdoor beauty, and throwing away over four months of planning?

Thank you for letting me vent.  Undecided
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