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Here's pictures of my cocktail hour location.  It's really bland and boring and I need something to spruce it up.  Any ideas?

There are a few lights hanging in the trees and lights on a fence that surrounds the area.  There is alos a walkway up to the bar further at the back of the building. 

Re: Cocktail Hour Help

  • Hey Navy! How about covering the stone tables with linens and placing a really simple centepiece on each..  like these:
    Or something similar where you can play off of the nature around you.

    Then you could set up a few high cocktail table and drape them like this:

  • I love the idea for the centerpieces.  I'm not sure if I want to pay the money to put linens on the tables outside though.
  • It's nice that you have lights on the fence & trees. You might want to consider white (or one of your wedding colors) tulle by the yard to drape on the fence. Since it usually comes pretty wide, you could cut it in half or quarters lengthwide to reduce how much you'll need. You could hold it with simple tied ribbons in one of your wedding colors. The lights would still show through, but it would make the fence more festive. If the building is part of the area, you could tie the tulle around the posts too.

    Depending on how dark it is outside, you could also do some cheap shepherd's hooks with hanging mason jars, with battery operated votives, stuck around the bottom of the trees, or tied to them with ribbon or tulle. Or put them along the walk to your bar in the back.

    I like the centerpiece idea. I might make it more rustic, in keeping with the outdoor theme and do them in mason jars as well. It's past prime "canning season", but mason jars in small or large sizes are usually 10 or 12 per box for less than a dollar each.
    You are lucky you live in an area where outdoor weddings can be held almost year round.

    Good luck. I'm sure whatever you do will be lovely.
  • I like the centerpieces that Dudley posted, but my first thought when I saw your pictures was lanterns.  You could do some pretty lanterns on the tables and maybe hanging around the building somewhere.  Or you could hang lanterns from ribbon like in this picture:

    I would definitely try to add some color because it looks pretty bland with the concrete tables and trees.  I think what I would do is buy some inexpensive tablecloths from Walmart or any party store (the cheap kind, like Better Than Linen) for those concrete tables and then drape them the way Dudley posted.  It would be inexpensive since there are only a few tables out there and it would really make a huge difference in how it looks.  I think they're only about $5-10.
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