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Ceremony & Reception on separate days?

So I'm not engaged just yet, but I know it's coming. We've been talking wedding a lot more now since we're planning my boyfriend's cousin's wedding that's happening this weekend. Tonight, we sat down and talked about how we want to do our wedding, especially since we have some idea on how things are done and everything, since we've both been in two weddings within the last six months. 

We're both very fond of a certain beach on Lake Erie, and it was surprisingly a childhood vacation spot for both our families. We simply love it, even though it's noting extraordinary. We talked about doing our ceremony there, and we both fell in love with the idea. The only problem is that it's 3.5 hours or so from our hometown. We're thinking of doing the ceremony there on a Friday evening as the sun is setting over the water...July 12, 2013. I know the perfect spot and have all sorts of plans for it. I know most of our guests won't want to travel, and I'm fine with that.
The idea of having the ceremony and reception on the same day, and traveling all that time and being overly stressed didn't feel like a good idea to me, that's why we looked at doing it on a Friday. We then plan to come home, spend the night together, and devote the next day to the reception.

Has anyone ever done this? Let me know! 
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