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Walking on the Sand

Hey girls, any tips for walking on the sand? We will get married on the beach. My dress only has a small train, and I will be wearing flip flops but was wondering if there is anything else I should be thinking of? I am worried that all the  sand will mess up the lace on the train, but the dress is really light and thin, so I am hoping it will be ok.   
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Re: Walking on the Sand

  • Hi,

    Can you put down some kind of 'red carpet' or something to walk on - you don't want to be slipping into the sand, which could be a possibility, even with flip flops.

    I think you should also consider, if you can, some sort of walk way/sitting platform  for your guests - if the ladies are wearing heels they might end up slipping into the sand as well and you want them to be comfotable and enjoy your cermony.
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  • The beach where the ceremony will take place is a private beach from the resort that we are doing the celebration at, so there will be seating provided for the guests. We also let everyone know that bring comfortable shoes to walk with in the sand, they can always switch once the celebration starts.

    The hotel also said they will put pieces of bamboo (from where the pavement ends all the way to the the arch), like a piece of bamboo for every step to "pave the way" a little bit, I hope that will help because a carpet will be rather difficult. I figured worst case, I will take off my shoes and go barefoot ;)

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  • I would say just take your time, if you walk the "normal" here comes the bride walk you should be fine!! I would just make sure that your dress isn't going to get caught on the sand.

    Have fun!!
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  • When my FI and I were considering an outdoor wedding we had bought sheets of plywood that we were planning to cut in half and make a walkway out of. We planned to cover them with fabric in one of our wedding colors.
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  • I had no problem walking down in sand with flip flops. I would practice walking in your flip flops if you  can.
  • I would strongly suggest not wearing flip flops.  Every time I walk on sand in flip flops they kick the sand up onto the back of my legs. Icky!  I'd wear a sandal with a back to hold it on your heel. 
  • Go barefoot...it is the most comfy, and you are getting married on the beach so it is absolutely appropriate!
    and no matter how hard you try, the bottom of your dress will end up with some dirt on it by the end of the night.  It will be cleaned before it is packed away, so don't get caught up on something little like that.
  • We are also getting married on the beach but I am going barefoot. I'd hate for a wardrobe malfunction to turn into me tripping on myself and falling on my face. As for your dress it will get a little dirty but nothing that a good dry cleaner can't fix afterwards. Congrats!
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  • I am changing from heels to Roman Sandals (cute blue and bling ones) to be able to grip the sand, and I am sewing a small "hook" into my dress for my hand to hold my the train...if all else fails...I dryclean the dress:-) 

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  • Go Barefoot! I got married on the beach and as soon as I hit the sand the Flip Flops had to come off. Its a little harder walking in more fabric than normal on the beach. Plus its romantic to be barefoot.
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