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HUGE weddings!

Is anyone else having a huge wedding (huge guest list)?? We invited over 600 people to ours (around 400 are attending) and people are dying of shock on here lol Is anyone else having a wedding with over 400 guests?

And p.s. How am I supposed to say hello and thank you for coming to everyone at a cocktail reception? Just book it?

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    bbyckesbbyckes member
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    No, I'm not having a huge wedding. 

    I guess you're going to have to just make your rounds.  Saying hello to 400 people is going to be an ordeal -- probably won't happen either.  Are you or your FI planning on toasts?  You could use this as an opportunity to thank everyone.
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    Yeah my dad is welcoming everyone (since they are the ones covering it)... We also have to leave fairly early to catch a flight (my fault) so maybe we'll just have to do the best we can like you said. One of my BM's moms said that you HAVE to say thank you to everyone or you will be considered very ungracious :(
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    My jaw literally dropped at that number. You are brave! I'm not having a huge wedding. Divide your number by ten, and that's my guest count.

    You won't be ungracious if you greet and thank everybody in a toast. Most people will understand that it's your wedding day and you are incredibly busy, and even taking one minute per guest would take you over 6 hours. So make a nice toast, relax, and enjoy your big day!
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    We are having around 100 people. Big enough for me. I would've preferred smaller than that.
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    Ha you are not alone. I was at 450 for my invite list and because of budget we chopped it to 300. I agree with everyone else. Make it part of the toast or do a "visit" each table approach. Some people will be offended but trust me, they'll live!
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    Ahh thanks! I was wondering if I was the only one with a big wedding! You're right they will get over it :0 Thanks!!

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    Oh mine is almost exactly yours! it was 600 with 350 rsvp! Yes, I love my big wedding and I'm glad someone else is with me too! Everyone else is dying of shock, but I love it :)
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    My wedding is two years later, but there are 100 at my list. I am a bit dislike huge wedding, that me I have to toast everyone come to my wedding, ohh...big problem for me...

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