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I'm considering an outdoor wedding (June, CO). I'm at a loss for the most basic concepts involved and I was wondering if someone could help me out either by answering some questions or telling me where to look. I know many of you may have seen these questions before so please have patience with my newb self.

- Electricity.... Sound system? Plug ins for heating/AC/lighting? Music? Do y'all use generators, or do the magic wedding gods power everything, or what? Stupid question I know but in my experience generators are super noisy, and outdoor venues don't have outlets.

- Reception... does anyone do outdoor receptions? I thought it'd be nice to do both ceremony and reception outdoors, rent a dance floor and such, but I don't know if that's impossible or what. I priced a few items and it seemed cheaper than an indoor venue, but... help me out here.

- Shoes... does anyone do heels outdoors and survive to tell about it?

- Public (not state) parks... if I wanted to do it at the local city park, do I need to talk to someone first? People do birthdays and reunions all the time and just do it, but worst wedding ever would be getting kicked out by the police because we didn't sign a paper or something.

Thank you for your patient answers and great advice!
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Re: Outdoor Basics...

  • I am also having a June Colorado wedding!!! Yay!  We will have serveral generators. My brother has a small one that is quite that we will use close to the tent.  the other larger ones, will be further away and my dad is going to build a 'wood box' to act like a muffler.  On my wedding website i just put that high heels are not recommended.  My family is very casual, and this probably won't be a big issue for us. 
  • Looks like you've gotten some good advice on the major stuff, but about the shoes....

    I wore 4 inch heels for our outdoor wedding and reception, and even paraded, dancing around the streets for about 20 minutes in them (see sig pic). I'm still alive :)
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