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Outdoor bathroom issue

I am planning an outdoor wedding, however there is not any indoor accomodations for the guests to use the bathroom....are porta potties to icky for a reception? Any other suggestions for this?

Re: Outdoor bathroom issue

  • They have nice port-a-potties, not the typical ones you see at a construction site.  Without indoor accomodations, you don't have much choice.  I would look up "wedding and port-a-potty" or "party and port-a-potty."  You will see that many options are available.
  • I've been to a wedding with normal blue port a potty's and they were totally fine.  They will be clean and fresh when they are dropped off.  But, if it will go into the dark you need some sort of light!  It got so dark in there.  Maybe one of those little round lights you step on or something.
  • I am also having an outdoor wedding and working on the port-a-potty issue.  I was also leary of port-a-potties, but quickly learn not all are the same.  There are a variety of port-a-potties available... even ones with running water.  Of course, there is more expense involved with the nicer units.  I have attended several weddings with just your standard units... if you go that route, keep them at a distance.  I would make signs directing guests to where they are and keep them away from any area with high traffic.
  • Yes, not all port-a-potties are created equal!  LOL  Do a lot of checking around!  The company we hired actually had special white wedding units! :)   We also rented a hand-washing station, which was nice.   The large deluxe trailers will require an electric hook-up and if there is water-they need an outdoor water hook-up.

    My only regret was that I didn't think about maybe laying down some outdoor carpeting around the hand-washing station and the port-a-potties....it had rained the nite before and the grass/ground was wet and a bit soggy. :/

    I have seen several pics in the gallery where the potties were actually placed under a small tent, which I thought was a cool idea.  And if you have an evening reception (ours was a daytime), definitely have a light outside and inside each pottie.   We had 200 guests and 2 potties (we had one indoor facility as well).
  • Everyone's used a porta-potty.  If someone frowns upon it, they can take their pee elsewhere
    dont make ur password so easy. gbck2CA2 hahahaha
  • I am having an outdoor wedding in May and I have already reserved my porta pottie.  I have seen some real clean ones, there no problem with an outdoor potty.
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