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I posted this on reception ideas but thought this was the better option after thinking about it!

So my wedding (both ceremony and reception) is located at a cabin. It has everything I was looking for, the gazebo for the ceremony and the pavilion for the reception. It is going to be a very simply outdoory wedding with nothing too fancy. It has picnic tables under the pavilion that I will be using for seating. I was originally just going to do regular table cloths just like the plastic kind with my centerpieces on it. I am doing a 3 part centerpiece. A quart size mason jar in the middle with flowers and two pint size mason jars on the outside with probably floating candles. My colors are plum, silver and powder blue. I was thinking to add a liitle more color. I was thinking silver table runners. Would it look bad have table runners on picnic tables? Now remember it's not a big and fancy wedding. I know some people wouldn't even go the route of plastic table cloths and whatnot but I just need opinions as to whether or n ot to add the table runners or maybe ideas of how else I could add a little more color.


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