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I checked out your bio, loved it, and I saw that you had the I spy game with the cameras.  I saw that in a wedding magazine and loved that idea.  Was it worth it?  Did you just have it for the kids?   And although you had games, once the dancing started were the games forgetten?  I'm worried to spend money on a dj but have games set up all day and people just worry about those and not dance. 

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  • Thanks.  :) 

    We only put the I Spy on the kids' tables.  They had fun with it, and some of the parents joined in.

    I think it depends on your crowd.  We had badmitton/volleyball, bocce and ladder golf.  Lots of people played the games during the cocktail hour.  We played laid-back drinking songs during that time.  After lunch, it was mainly the kids that were playing the games.  Our dance floor was fairly full for an afternoon reception.  And the more people drank, the more they danced.  I think that is true at any wedding.

  • Thanks!  Yeah I would only do that at the kids tables as well.  You're wedding is a lot like I have been invisioning mine, I'm happy I found you and your bio's so I can finally see that it all works!

    Did you have a DJ, or a band?  We are leaning towards an ipod wedding or something like that, but I'm still not sure.
  • We had a dj.  I think a great DJ or band makes all of the difference.  Plus I wanted to make sure that someone was in charge of the 'flow.'  Our DJ and DOC kept everything on track.
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