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April weddings in NJ?

Hi!  I am just wondering, has anyone on here had or are having an April wedding in New Jersey?  We are trying to pick our date and so far have decided that April would be good, although I'm secretly a little bit concerned about the weather, as we want an outdoor wedding.  Feedback on this? 
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Re: April weddings in NJ?

  • Try posting this on a local NJ area board.  This board is international, and people in Houston probably don't know much about NJ weather.  Links to locals are on your left.

    But I will say that I AM from NJ, and if you are as well, you know that NJ weather can be unpredictable at best.  My darling niece was born in an April blizzard in NJ, and we've had days where people are outside sunbathing in April as well.

    You take your chances when you plan an outdoor wedding.  My DD had an outdoor wedding in July, and we sweated out rain all day.  If you're set on an outdoor wedding, find a venue that offers a back up in case of inclement weather.

    "Trix, it's what they/our parents wanted. Why so judgemental? And why is your wedding date over a year and a half ago? And why do you not have a groom's name? And why have you posted over 12,000 posts? And why do you always say mean things to brides?" palegirl146
  • I've never been to an outdoor wedding in April, but I have family in the Philadelphia area and I remember the year it snowed April Fool's day. Even if it doesn't snow it will probably be a little too cold to be outside for hours without at least a light jacket. If I went to a wedding in April I wouldn't dress to be able to be outside for hours on end so you'll probably need heaters with your tent (I assume you're using a tent or something).

  • Well, just the ceremony would be outside, and we were planing on just having a 10 minute ceremony or so, then the rest would be inside.  But I did want outside pictures, so I dunno.  We still have time to decide, and I will also try posting this on the local nj boards, thanks for your help!
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