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Walk down the aisle to an Ipod?

I need some music advice. We're getting married on a remote scenic overlook in Yosemite, and we don't have the budget for live music. But of course there is no electrical outlet up there to plug an ipod into. Walking down the aisle in silence just seems strange, so I still want to have processional/recessional music.

Is anyone using a portable ipod dock or boom box like me? Or has anyone successfully done this? I am worried about volume or sound quality being too poor. Thanks & happy Hump Day :)

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Re: Walk down the aisle to an Ipod?

  • They have some nice portable iPod speakers at walmart or best buy.. ask the associates there which ones are the best sound quality and which ones have a battery back up or are battery powered.
  • I'm not doing this, but when I considered music for an outdoor ceremony.. my DJ recommended renting a PA system and then he offered to play music from his station (inside) through the PA. Maybe try something like this perhaps?
  • I agree with the first post: find some good, but cheap, ipod speakers and you will be fine. I will be using either an ipod for ceremony music or my DJ will be playing the guitar (no electricity at my ceremony site either!) Good luck!
  • We did that! We rented professional speakers for the whole night - so the entire ceremony and reception were done with an ipod.
  • Are there no outlets at all? You will have to use just battery power for the iPod dock durnig the ceremony? Eek! Thats a bit scary. We are planning on using an iPod for our ceremony and reception, but we will also have a sound system set up all around the yard too. I would say try to find some nicer speakers that you can hook up to the iPod. Go outside before hand and test the speakers to see how the sound carrys. If this doesn't work you might have to ask a  family friend to play the guitar or something.
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  • We are planning to use an Ipod both for our ceremony and reception, Luckily my sister just got an Ipod dock for Christmas, so we are planning to borrow that for the ceremony and then for the reception we will be using the restaurants sound system.
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  • A friend of mine had a similar situation - her wedding was in a vineyard with no electric outlet. She used an ipod docking station on battery and it worked great. No issues and everyone could hear the music fine.
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