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I know this has been questioned many times before, but just looking for more ideas.  We are having an outdoor ceremony, and like others, are questioning how to make heels on grass work.  I think all my BM's are planning to wear heels, and I have some already.  We are going to try out the SoleMates, but I'm looking for other ideas as well.  A friend suggested having patio stones at the altar area for us to stand on, to help with the sinking in,  Any other suggestions for the actual aisle?  Oh, and I know wedges would have been a better idea, but we all already have our shoes, so that won't really help.  I think most of us are planning to lose the heels for the reception anyway.  Thanks!!!

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    purpleheartRNpurpleheartRN member
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    peeeeersonally, i would definitely return the shoes and invest in some flats. it would be well worth it, i think, when you think of all the costs that will add up for patio stones.

    what about a patio-stoned aisle lined with flower petals (instead of a runner)? you could have it be T-shaped, with the aisle as the long part, and where you and your wedding party would stand as the shorter part?

    edit: i'm having an outdoor wedding on some treacherous grass, and i ruled out heels from the get-go, just so i wouldn't have to worry about it. me and my girls will be in flats. however, i do like your idea of the patio stones! it might be a little extra work and money, but well worth it if you're going with heels! :)
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    It depends on the ground. We didn't have any trouble on the grass in heels, but the ground was more compact.  But most of our guests choose to wear flats. I like the idea of pavers to stand on, you can get them pretty cheap.
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    What about those wedge heels? I know my FI is 6'5 and I'm 5'2.. so I REALLY want the height. I've never had a problem with wedges in the grass, and you can find some cute ones... plus a little DIY sparkle could be super fun :)
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    hz80408hz80408 member
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    I bought kitten heel wedges and suggested Solemates to BMs.
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    mbrassmbrass member
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    I agree with purpleheartRN! Flats or wedges, all the way. I'm having my wedding in my parent's back pasture, and I've even posted on my website in 2 places for guests that footwear suitable for the lawn is advised. Depending on where your outdoor venue is, patio stones that could kill the grass might be frowned upon.
    That said, pretty and dressy white or ivory wedges are hard to find! If patio stones are no big deal, go for it. It all depends on your comfort level in heels too! (I never wear them, while my sister never goes without. I think she'd be ok even over the rough ground of the pasture in 4 inch stilletos, lol).
    Good luck!
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    I am having an outdoor ceremony.. has anyone considered renting carpet from a party supply store for the aisle? I think it would greatly help with the sinking and also create an actual aisle to walk down, as opposed to a path. I would put an aisle runner on top of it, also, for looks. Thoughts?
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