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beach wedding, chairs?

Hi all

I am getting married on the beach the ceremony is going to be 5 to 10 minutes long, there are going to be about 80 people there. 

Do I provide chairs? or does anyone have any suggestions?? 

Re: beach wedding, chairs?

  • i would suggest chairs based on the amount of people you are having, that and if there are elderly people coming to it. I am having mine outside (not on a beach) and originally didn't want chairs, but then i thought of my poor grandparents standing the whole time.We are having around 100 people and the ceremony will be 15 minutes. Just remember even though the ceremony is a short time your guests will be arriving early and standing while waiting for it to begin as well.

     I ended up renting chairs- turns out they are pretty affordable, I found cute white ones for about $1.20 each (only thing is delivery was almost $75) but i think it will be worth it for the amount of people you are going to have, just to make people more comforatble. And there is nothing better than sitting in a chair on the beach and digging your toes into the sand!!

  • I would provide chairs.  Even if your ceremony is only 10 minutes long, your guests will likely arrive 15 minutes early... so that would be standing for 30 minutes. 
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  • I would definitely provide some form of seating.  You can look into chairs or perhaps benches might be cheaper.  As PPs said, most guests will arrive 15-30 minutes early, and mingle afteward, so they will be standing for much longer than the actual ceremony length.
  • I agree that you need to provide chairs for everyone. Go try and stand in sand for a half hour -- you'll definitely be uncomfortable.

    With only 80 guests, chair rental shouldn't be more than a few hundred dollars -- that's part of the cost of inviting guests to your wedding.
  • This is a concern for me also.  I'm going with a package with a resort in Florida.  The base package includes 16 chairs at no additional costs but any additional chair costs $7.50 per chair.  I'll have anywhere from 60-70 guests. That's a lot of money!  The coordinator at the resort said the ceremony will be short (about 15 minutes) and there's no reason to have too many chairs. 

    We actually got to witness a ceremony while we were there (stayed way back but stood up the entire time on the sand and had no issues) and they had chairs there for half the people.  It was very short and the people standing didn't seem to mind standing.  Those that arrived early, had seats.  Those that arrived either on time or late had to stand but not that long.  Yet, this ceremony on the beach was in October.  Mine will be in August of next year (6:30 in the evening) which is my concern.  Don't want anyone passing out so I'm still strugging with this and the cost of $7.50 per chair!!  I may just add up to 20 additional chairs and make sure there is plenty of water and fans....still debating on this one.
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  • Sydney91Sydney91 member
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    You really should provide chairs. People may have health conditions you are not aware of and may not be able to stand for longer than a few minutes. I can understand the reluctance at 7.50/chair. Can you bring another company in? If you still don't rent chairs, please let people know and welcome them to bring their own lawn chair.

    Please read through the link: Chair Debate
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  • Think I'll check with the resort to see if I can bring in another company for the chairs but I'm guessing not since they won't allow other things outside of the package like alcohol or another photographer.
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  • Thanks for letting us know.

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