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yard games at reception

I've heard of this from other brides, and really would like to do it myself. Can other lovely knotties tell me their experiences, either as the bride/groom or the guest with yard games?

I'm thinking things like badminton, croquet, bean-bag toss etc.

It will be a casual garden wedding during the day, so I thought a summer party theme would be ideal.

Thank you!
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Re: yard games at reception

  • Some people have said that's it's too childish and that adults can entertain themselves, but I think it would be a cute idea! I would keep it to relatively short games, though. Like bean bag toss and a small set of croquet.
  • haha the reason we are considering them is the fact that myself and my fi are children at heart! We are a youngish couple (24 when we tie the knot), so we see nothing wrong with that aspect. :)
    And good idea on keeping them short. Then guests can play a little, then mingle. I just thought this would be something fun, since with a daytime wedding and limited alcohol, I don't know how much people will be wanting to dance. Any experience with that I would love to hear too. I feel people don't get down and boogie when it's bright daylight, but maybe I'm wrong. haha
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  • For a garden party wedding your games will work perfectly.  Just please do not try to organized any of the games and let the guests do that themselves.
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  • I LOVE the idea. I'm having my celebration at a county park and there is a horseshoe pit that I fully plan on utilizing. 

    I also agree that its weird to have a dance party in broad daylight, which is why I'm going to have games available. I'll dance in the middle of the grocery store, but I know that most people aren't like me. 
  • I also want to do the same thing! I think its a great idea to entertain people. The last garden wedding I went to, we ended up board waiting for the bride and grooms pictures to be done!
  • Thanks ladies! And I totally agree not forcing the games. I will just have them set up and ready to play if anyone wants, no schedule or anything for them. :)
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  • We are thinking about doing the same thing. I can see how it could look childish at some weddings, but we are getting married at a city park, so it fits. We will bring ladder ball and bean bag toss-like games. It will give the guests things to do, if they choose, while the WP are getting pictures taken and such before dinner.
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  • We're doing cornhole...  I found primed boards online and we're painting them and personalizing them for the wedding and to match our colors!

    People may think that's immature, but we've got such fun friends that it seems silly to try and act like we don't play yard games like that anyway.  :-)
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  • It totally depends on the vibe of the wedding! I think it's a cute idea!

    I second cornhole. It's fun and guys usually gravitate toward it.
  • We had games at our wedding, and it was a hit, especially with the younger kids.  We had croquet and bocci.  People played if they wanted, and we got some great pic out of it.  I think it's great as a garden party option, especially if your wedding isn't super formal.
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  • Anyone that thinks it's childish is probably boughey. Everything depends on the people involved. If that's you, have a ball. I would love that far more than some stuffy pretty boring place. Maybe have some music on for those that want to dance and it will only enhance the games too. I've seen people dance at a daytime wedding the same as night, and no alcohol there. But guestbooks pages made were a big hit, so people can sit at table or wherever if want and answer questions about the bride and groom, and draw their version of the bride and groom. Priceless to see how people draw you and your spouse. Guestbook pages are great memories and so fun for bride and groom to go over together and talk abot and laugh. And you can print them yourself on a printer with some pretty paper you can get anywhere. Maybe you could also have a craft table for something related for them to do for you two. Make sure you have a lil shade too. Even if not hot. I think it'll be great.
  • We are considering yard games. We have four girls and then tons of friends and family with kids. And it is totally us. I love the idea of having this as part of our reception.
  • I was alos considering yard games during my cocktail hour.  not only are most of the guests little kids, but our cocktail space is a barren waste land (of sorts).  Its on a slight hill so no cocktail tables would work, and its outside.  We are already renting a horse and carriage, which will be open to the guests for rides during the time we do our photos so I figured why not!!!!! 

    Glad I'm not the only one!

  • My niece had cornhole at her reception and it was fun. It was a nice casual backyard reception, music but no dancing. It actually provided for nice ice breaker between the families and the different generations.
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