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The Gate Keeper...

So we are getting married at a state park. Our guests have to go through the little gate check, and check in. I knew when we booked the area, that I would have to provide a guest list so that the gate keeper could check off the arriving guests and take a vehicle tally (we have to pay for all the wedding guests' parking).  However, I reviewed the area and booked it when the park is normally not charging (it was winter) and I did all of the paperwork over the phone. So the other day, I went to the park to take some pics and measurements for the decorations, and they gate keeper was there taking money. When I explained that I was getting married and was just checking, she still made me pay. On my way out, I asked the lady (just to make sure I was clear on how the guests checking in), and she was very rude to me!! Should I get her a gift and give it to her on the rehearsal night...maybe would sweeten her up? If so what?

Re: The Gate Keeper...

  • Sorry, I was thinking that when I booked over the phone with the state park service, they said that with group rate it would be $2 a car. When I asked the actual gate keeper, she told me it was $3 a car. My bad, I didn't mean for it to sound confusing
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