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Anyone Here Getting Married in their Backyard?

I am.  I'm just interested to know what you're struggling with.  How are you doing your layout.  Who's setting up?  Who's tearing it down?

My wedding is 29 days away and I just need to get a handle on the logistics.  Need to commiserate with another.  ha

Re: Anyone Here Getting Married in their Backyard?

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    [QUOTE]Molly, I would be freaking out about those tables!  I hope everything works well for you all.  I feel good that I'm not the only one with these worries. :)
    Posted by bbyckes[/QUOTE]

    I'm freaking out on the inside :)  But keeping it pretty calm on the outside.  We are finally here in Maine, where at least I can see it all.  Luckily, we've decided that if we can't get the meadow flat enough for rental tables, the yard up near their house is flat enough.  We can do dinner up high and then cocktail hour, music and stuff like that down low. 

    All the stress sometimes makes me wish we had just rented a place that does weddings.  But in the end I know this is going to be beautiful!  It is good to know others are freaking out too!
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    Oh I freak out constantly these days. We're doing an bakcyard/frontyard/actually, it's a wharf and a yard wedding and instant reception afterwards. We're doing the whole thing by ourselves and I do indeed freak the fvck out about it. We have a tent rented (which the Lion's Club puts up and takes down a day in advance and then the day after), tables and chairs from the FD, some appetizers from the local restaurant, and besides table decorations...that's about it for what we can afford to do. We're doing an Ipod reception as well, and we're going to have to rent some lights. Hmm, buy liquor....lights, liquor, dishes, pay niece taking photos, mail out invites....this stuff adds up so fast.
    It stresses me out like crazy. There's loads I'd LOVE to do, and I do wish there was a good place to have a big reception and massively swank party, but we just don't have the money. It's not about that anyway, I know, it's about me and him. It' s still a bigger expense and stressbomb than I'd like.
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    We're getting married in Fi's grandma's yard. We are renting a lot of stuff, and the rental company will set up and take down the tent the day before and the day after. Tables, chairs, etc are on us. Luckily we have the extra days to deal with that part.

    I'm worried about weather, bugs, and moving the chairs & sound equipment from the ceremony to the reception. It's just different areas of the yard, but still.

    I'm going to see what I can do about helping out a little the morning of, similar to mattesmagic.

    It's not all totally freaking me out yet, but it's just another thing on the list of stuff to deal with.
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    FYI- citronella and tiki torches only work in the tiny vicinity they cover.  Otherwise they just burn and make the place smell funky.

    We did these at my friends reception last summer and still got bit to heck.
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    In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-boards_outdoor-weddings_anyone-here-getting-married-their-backyard?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding BoardsForum:666Discussion:c3ac9cea-1e55-4765-8c94-25f96ffe9a4aPost:ca7c830b-d7ec-45d4-9e6d-1c638a72923a">Re: Anyone Here Getting Married in their Backyard?</a>:
    [QUOTE]FYI- citronella and tiki torches only work in the tiny vicinity they cover.  Otherwise they just burn and make the place smell funky. We did these at my friends reception last summer and still got bit to heck.
    Posted by CA2MT4EveR[/QUOTE]

    This is NOT good news.  At.All.
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    We got married last summer in my mom's back meadow and I definitely had many of the same worries...here's what worked for us (this is going to be a long one):

    Set-up - our rental people did a basic set up of the tables for us...we tried to move them to fit the plan I had in my head, but what we found is that they are really good at finding spots that keep the tables level, so we just left it how they set it up.  The caterers set up all the tableclothes, place settings etc.

    My ceremony chairs were set up by the wedding party and other people at our house the morning of the ceremony (and I did the first row to make sure they were where I wanted them), it took about 10 minutes...we had 70ish chairs. 

    After the ceremony the chairs got moved by everyone.  This just sort of happened on it's own.  The groomsmen and our close male relatives said they'd just take a few chairs in each arm and do it, but when they started pretty much everyone just picked up a chair and brought it to a table.

    Same thing that happened with the chairs kind of just happened with the breakdown.  The catering/rental people needed us to clear off all the extra favors, centerpieces, so at the end of the night the last people left were my aunts, my SIL, and some friends and people just kind of picked a few things up and brought them to the house.  We didn't ask anyone to do anything, like I said, it just happened.

    Bugs.  Those clip on things don't work.  We had a "Bug Spray Station" with a variety of repellants...everything from Deep Woods Off to Skin So Soft, to basic citranella oils.  They got used...I should have bought more of the super strong stuff.

    The bottom line for us was that we had all the people who we cared the most about (and hence those who care the most about us) around that weekend and everyone just pitched in for a few minutes here and there and things just got taken care of.  Our caterers were responsible for the tables and all those decorations, so that took a lot out of the equation, but still, there were plenty of little things that needed to get done along the way.

    Good luck!
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    Tables are rented!  Yay!  I'm so excited!

    I just ordered some all natural stuff to see how it works on ridding the yard of mosquitos.  It's called mosquito and gnat scat - it should get here later this week so we can try it.  My sister's and her husband have animals and a large vegetable garden, so they'd rather not use Yard Guard and things like that.  I just want the mosquito's gone - but it's not my house :)   I'll post if it works.

    I've been trying out vanilla extract mixed with water, from the mosquito's post.  I wore it out last night and didn't get any bites.  Which is not normal since they live on the water.  I'm going to keep trying it. 
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     We are renting tables and chairs so the rental company should deliver and set those up on Friday and break them down on Sunday. We still have to plan out the moving of the chairs from the ceremony area to the dinner/party spot. Not very far (less than 500 ft, I think), but still needs to happen. I'm still trying to decide if we can afford a DOC (I hope we can, because that would make coordinating the dinner table/buffet set up a bit easier) Isn't it fun to worry about mosquitos and rain and all that, not to mention trying to find a nice portable restroom for 110 guests so the house's ancient plumbing doesn't give out :)
    Posted by alecat9[/QUOTE]

    i have Q about this im renting two sets of chairs bc everyone told me that moving chairs is tacky and shouldnt be done. how are u doing this so it looks nice?
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    amlowamlow member
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    We are getting married in the backyard of my friend's B and B. So many things to worry about, the weather, put up, tear down, food- Ghaaaa! Luckily, my friend is a professional and has borrowed the tables, ect. I was told she doesn't want me to worry about anything other than getting married that day. I am so grateful, and blissfully unaware of how much my friends will be doing around us that day.
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    We're getting married in our backyard. I'm randomly flipping out here and there. My mom is a caterer, and has a huge handle on most everything, thank the Lord. I don't have a rain plan, so I'm hoping for the best. We were able to pick up canopy tents for a really low price, so we won't be renting an expensive tent. We are getting tables/chairs. I'm planning for specific people to move chairs from ceremony spot to the tables, and since everyone coming are our close friends/family, I dont' think they'll bawk about picking up their chairs if they have to. We're basically having my parents, FI's parents, brothers, etc help out with setup of canopies, tables and everything the day before. The final touches the day of, I won't be there to see.. my mom is taking care of that, to surprise me :)

    I'll be using every bit of bug spray I can find to kill off mosquitoes!
    We have 3 bathrooms, so I'm hoping everything holds up, plumbing-wise..
    Our biggest issue with my mom doing catering on-site, is refrigeration. Home refrigerator just doesn't cut it for a big party like this. So one of our biggest expenses is renting a refrigerated trailer, especially since mom is coming from Michigan to TN to do this for me.
    Oh boy.. every day that goes by is one day closer, and it's starting to sink in! Exciting! Stressful!  :)
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    I just decided to do a backyard reception.  We already own a large tent and some tables so that cuts our costs considerably.  I am also worried about rain and bugs.  I am saving money by having our playlist run through the outdoor speakers and since its outside we don't need to buy that many flowers.  Does anyone know if caterers offer table cloths and napkins?  
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    LabrnrLabrnr member
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    I have been planning my outdoor/beach wedding which will be held at our house since last summer. (Actually prob since Sept/07 when we moved there)

    Here is my plan:

    Pick up chair and tables from rental place on Friday (cheaper if we pick up),
    set up chairs, tables, tents, tikki torches on Friday night before or after rehearsal.

    Pick flowers morning of wedding, decorate tikki torches, vases, chuppah, and tent when arrive back home.

    Chairs will be moved by gm and a few other men I asked from beach to yard, about 100 feet after ceremony

    we are having a friend play ceremony music, and then a band will play from 6pm onwards.

    a week before the wedding we will fog the yard (you can usualy rent these from any equipment rentals spot)

    a few days before the wedding we will fog again.

    We will also have bug spray, citronella candles, and citronella oiol burnign in tikki torches.

    I have no rain back up, other then the tents.
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