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Help! I need suggestions on this decoration!

I am having a smaller wedding and the pictures below are where I want to have the ceremony.  I am going to be standing at the far corner, in the middle of the picture.  It is a beautiful wooded area, however, I can't figure out how to decorate the background.  I'll probably drape fabric along the fence part, but feel like I need something more, either above us or behind us.  I don't like typical white wedding trellises, however, am open to unique ones.  We can't attach anything with nails or anything that will harm the area.  Also, in the second picture, it shows how far down the ground is from the fence.  There aren't any large tree branches that are far enough down for us to hang things from.  I just have no idea how to decorate!  I LOVE chandeliers so if I could incorporate those, it would be great.  Also, I like vintage decorations.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! 

Re: Help! I need suggestions on this decoration!

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    Try a simple chuppah (a canopy used in jewish ceremonies) although, that may be too big for your space).  You could also just do two large potted plants/trees to indicate the altar area.
  • It is a beautiful location.  I agree with using potted plants to create an "altar" area.  Perhaps a a sapling you or your parents could plant to remember your day.  If you have a tree or a bush you could hang things from the branches.  You can also rent metal, black, or fake foliage wrapped trellises from wedding rental places (i.e. tent and chair rental places).  Decoration ideas:  Loosely wrap tulle along the fence.  Tie bows on the rail.  Hang mason jars with flowers from fence posts.  Could use crape paper or fabric of your wedding colors and weave it (vertically) onto the fence - or could do this to create a different "altar" backdrop. 
    Good luck.
  • Thank you!  I had never thought of the trees, so smart!  I'll have to look up your other suggestion, thank you so much!
  • Very great suggestions!!  I really appreciate all of your help guys!  Thank you.
  • I know I am late but I love your venue. 

    I would suggest lookng at pics where brides used outdoor pavilions.  You can create your aisle and decor in the same fasion.  I  would simply use 2 large arrangements on a pedestal to frame you and your groom or one large one perhaps on a small table covered in a tablecloth nestled in the corner of the space. Both are simple looks that create the altar space with height without a lot of additional decor needed.
    or if you like chandeliers and cannot figure out a way to hang one, you could rent or buy the larger candelabras (3ft or taller) and have them on a pedestal to frame the altar area the same as mentioned for the arrangements above.
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