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back and married, pics!

Just posted this on the June board, but I was on this one a lot more than I was on the month board, so I thought i'd share with you too:

It has been a crazy two weeks, but I got married on the 12th at Glacier Point, Yosemite and went on my week long cruise to Mexico right afterwards. It all went amazingly well, except:
1. the caterer forgot to bring dishes. We had to take silverware & dishes out of the rental house. Luckily it was a huge house with lots of dishes.
2. There was a fatal car accident 30 minutes before my reception, in a 3 mile stretch in front of the reception house. It completely blocked off traffic. I was 15 minutes late to my own reception, and had no time to set anything up properly. Everything got started late and totally disorganized, but thank god nobody from my wedding was the victim of the car accident.
3. My ipod cable didn't connect properly to the PA system we rented. So it was essentially a really really expensive microphone, and couldn't play my music except on a little ipod dock. Nobody really danced, except for husband & myself for the first dance, and my father/daughter dance. Oh well. You win some, you lose some.

Ceremony was incredible and made up for everything. Husband's vows were beautiful.

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Re: back and married, pics!

  • AMAZING Background....Really nice pictures
  • It sounds like you took the bumps in stride, and had a fabulous wedding.  Your pictures are beautiful!
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  • Your pictures are beautiful!!
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  • Eh screw em'. I dont think there is a perfect wedding, gotta have something go wrong..helps remember everything else! :) I wouldnt know...mines not for awhile tho hehe :). Great pictures..ours is opposite of yours..outdoors beach wedding on the east coast :)

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