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Ceremony start time- what would you do?

I am getting married outside of my reception location. I was able to choose the start time- I originally planned the ceremony to start at 3 (the ceremony should only be10-15 minutes) so I figured the cocktail hour would start at 3:30... but now that it's getting closer, I think 4:00 may be better... (so the cocktail hour would start about 4:30/5)... I keep going back and forth about it- but I need to make up my mind because we are having the invitations done next week! What would you do?

Re: Ceremony start time- what would you do?

  • How late does your reception go?

    We had a 6pm ceremony at our reception venue outside, 6:30-7:30 cocktail hour inside, and then 7:30-midnight reception in the main ballroom.
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  • i say 4.  we are doing ours outdoors at 4:30-5, cocktail hour from 5-6, reception from 6-11.
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    I also vote for 4pm.
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  • Keep lighting in mind as your photographer will appreciate more lighting for higher resolution photos. The later in the day the quicker you loose light.
  • We're doing a 4:30 wedding, cocktail hour outside right after, and then going inside for dinner.  The goal is to finish dinner in time for sunset pictures.
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  • What time of year is your wedding?  Keeping in mind photos you may want - I wanted sunset pictures on the beach, the timing required a 2pm ceremony.  Any time between 3 - 4 is probably fine.
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  • If it's a summer wedding I agree with 4pm.  We're doing an outdoor 4pm ceremony, outdoor reception with cocktails at 4:15 and dinner for 5/5:30.

  • mdg327mdg327 member
    i think that 4 o'clock sounds better
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