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Beautiful outdoor sites near genesee county?

I am planning a destination wedding, but then coming home to have a formal reception in Flint Michigan. We are looking to have a some very short wedding to make it legal as well as have a few close family members watch, that couldn't be with us at our destination.  Between 10-15 people total.  We are looking for somewhere pretty, maybe flowers or gardens.  We will only be there for a 5 minute wedding and a few pictures.  Looking for somewhere free or very low cost that is just pretty as it is. 
Any ideas?  Gardens? Parks? Farms?  No busy city parks, we've checked them all out :)  Looking more for private..... like a site where a photographer might take you to get some pictures.

Re: Beautiful outdoor sites near genesee county?

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  • Genesee, Colorado? We are actually in the process of booking the Boettcher Mansion. They have a great little gazebo with gorgeous mountain and forest views. It's up on Lookout Mountain.
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    I actually lived in Flint for 7 years before moving to TN.. I'll think about it and see if anything comes to mind.. I know there's a little park over off Davison Rd, off I-69 before you reach Belsay Road that's semi-secluded and always looked pretty... just a thought. 
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