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Fans for Outdoor Ceremony/Cocktails

Our wedding is July 17, 2010. I am thinking about doing custom handfans to be handed out when the guests arrive. I am wondering, though, would this be a bad favor for men? I'd imagine that they might be considered "girly". And if it ends up not being a favor, then do I need to provide one for each guest or just one per couple?

Re: Fans for Outdoor Ceremony/Cocktails

  • i think even a manly man will use a hand fan if it's hot in July.  My DH would take one and "pretend" to use it to give me extra fanning but he'd benefiting.  Also, if it's going to be hot, it might be nice to set up a little water/lemonade station for guests to use prior to the ceremony.  You certainly don't want any dehydrated grannies.
  • I'm making programs into fans. that way, the men can use them too without feeling girly. I'll probably either put them in a basket where people walk into the ceremony area, or placing one on each seat.

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  • I would do one for each person but that is my opinion. We are doing fan programs and I plan to do 1 per person. I also agree with anna if its gonna be super hot you may want to supply some kind of water. It is ussually 100 degrees on our wedding day & its outside so I plan to get water bottles for everyone.
  • Does anyone have a template for the DIY wedding fan programs...I can't seem to find one anywhere.
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