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Picnic tables as ceremony seating?

We're having our October wedding and reception at a county park. If the weather is rainy, we're going to get married inside the lodge where the reception is while the guests are seated at their tables. 

We want to get married outside if the weather permits, but don't want to rent chairs that we won't need.  The ceremony will be about 20 minutes long. The park has many picnic tables (with attached benches.) Is there some way to arrange these into ceremony seating? We'll have a few folding chairs for those unable to settle themselves at a picnic table.

Is this a good idea? Anyone have any better ones?

Re: Picnic tables as ceremony seating?

  • I would spend the money and get some sort of seating that isn't a picnic table.  
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  • I agree, I think you need a different seating option. Some rental companies allow you to rent benches like the picnic benches - you could see the price on those compared to single chairs and decide if one will be more cost efficient than the other, but I think having everyone sit at picnic tables for the ceremony may end up being awkward for everyone.
  • I think the old people would have the worst time getting in and out of them, and would snag their nylons.  Not that anyone really has an easy time sitting at them.  Splurge for the chairs.  You can usually get them for like a buck a piece.
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    I agree with everyone else.  Splurge for chairs.  Picnic tables have splinters, dirt, and bird poop on them.  As a guest, I definitely wouldn't enjoy sitting at a picnic table while wearing a nice dress.
  • You can always use conventional seating - like hay bales, or something that goes along with your theme.  But having just a few chairs for people that can't stand for 20 minutes and just having other guests stand is perfectly fine.  Rentals can add up quickly, so if you are on a budget, you might have to spare other things to rent chairs which aren't actually necessary.
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