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tent rental rates??

hey i'm not even engaged or anything but i'm always looking ahead for when i am..i want to have ideas of what i will need and what i can expect to have to pay for things. i would love to have an outdoor wedding but would love to have it under a tent....what are the going rates for the huge tents that would fit your wedding party? i would be interested in having it decorated with fabric, you know draped in the top....has anyone had that type of tent before that can tell me about how much that costs? thanks...just curious.

Re: tent rental rates??

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    Right now the cheapest I have been able to find a tent is $725 and that includes, delivery, set up, 3 side walls, and pick up. I'm hoping that if I go with that place they will give me a deal on the dance floor and everything else. 
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    i found a tent , for 200 people
    but it about about 2000 after delivery , set up & tear down .
    & as far as decorating ,
    i found a woman in my hometown that specializes in celing decor for 250 .
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    Our big awning/tent at the park will cost us $1153 plus $200 dollars labor.  It's a large tent that covers 120 people (but only 120 people, the food is under the park shelter)

    It really varies - cetain venues have certain pricing, speciality tents, etc etc.  It's a wideeee range.
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    If you're not picky.. here's what we're doing:
    I called around to tent rental companies and got the average of $400-$500 for a 20x40 tent, setup/delivered, without lights. Since we're doing stringed lights thru the backyard, we can take care of the lighting..
    My parents started looking for inexpensive canopies. We found 10x20 white canopies for $79/ea... so we picked up 4, which still only brings us to $320, and now we have 20x40 coverage, plus these have overhang canopies that can expand on each side of the canopy for another 14 ft if we want.. We will be decorating the sides with ribbon and touille, to cover the poles. Worst case: We don't have sides for side-ways rain. But I believe God is good and will take care of my guests. I don't have any other rain plan.. so yes, I do randomly worry about this. But all-in-all.. we're getting more coverage for less than a rental company, and we can always sell them on craigslist afterwards and get some of our money back!
    Just an idea. That's what we're doing. I can't wait to see it all put together!

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