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I have booked a venue for my upcoming weddings. Outdoors- cocktails in a building then the reception in a tent. There is a wedding the day before mine and  that bride told the location manager that she does not want to share the facilities. Its not like they are same day events its saturday and sunday events. Does anyone have experience with telling the location manager to grow a set and stand up to bridezilla! or on renting a tent that is already up for another event.

Re: tent/site rentals

  • I'm not sure I understand your question. Is your wedding in the morning, and hers in the evening of the prior day? Is there a chance of overlap?

    Does the tent belong to the venue? Or is it rented from an outside company? The owner of the tent probably gets to decide what happens with it. I can't imagine the venue, or a rental company saying to themselves "we are going to go through the expense of taking this down and putting it back up the next day".

    The answer to who owns it will help you know who to negotiate with.

    Or, does the Saturday bride own the tent? In that case, you really don't get a say, and you'd have to pay her for it.

    Some specifics would be helpful.

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