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Hello all! Fiance and I need to book our honeymoon pretty soon and we're still pretty up in the air about where to go. We are trying to stay under our budget of 5K (not including airfare).

Our honeymoon is in August- which I have come to learn is hurricane season in the Carribbean (I'm aware that it is unlikely that hurricanes will hit but we don't want to risk it- we also know that bad weather can happen anywhere but we would like to do our best to avoid any bad situations).

We want to go to a Caribbean-esque beach. Definitelly an island. We originally wanted to go to the DR. FI says no to Hawaii. And we don't really want to go to Mexico. We are thinking about Aruba or Costa Rica. Are there any other places that we should consider before booking?? Any info or help would be much appreciated! Thanks!!

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    We are honeymooning in August as well and are leaning towards Punta Cana...seems like some really nice places there!
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    We are doing Mexico- Riviera Maya for our hm.  We looked at Aruba since it's out of the hurricane belt but there are very few all inclusives, if that's what you are looking for.  Same thing with Costa Rica. If you just want a beach vacation and don't plan on doing excursions out of the hotel/resort, I would say Aruba (if you really are set on no Mexico) since there is so much to see and explore, IMHO, in Costa Rica.  Just my two cents.

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    You said not including airfare 5K. How much are you willing to spend on airfare? The first thing that comes to mind is French Polynesia, but airfare would be a significant expenditure.

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    you need to do some research. while not a caribbean island costa rica does get hit by hurricanes on both sides of the country. it's not just caribbean islands-it's central america, se america, bermuda, atlantic region up to canada, and caribbean. aruba is a caribbean island and has been hit before-it's just more rare. also you wrote that you definately want an island. costa rica is not an island.

    the west coast's hurricane sseason goes to mid-october.

    if you really really dont want to go anywhere near where there might be one hit south america or middle america or europe. or wait until early december for caribbean area or late oct for west coast.


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