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Hi All,
We are doing an outside wedding, under a tent and wanted to hang white paper lanterns from the tent....about 30-40 of them. We were told it would cost us $41.00 per lantern to install and do this. Isn't that a lot of money? Does anyone have a better solution? Could you do it yourself? Are you? PLEASE HELP!
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Re: Lanterns

  • I'm going through the same delema...I got a quote and it came out to $35.00 for each lantern from the rental co.  So I asked here on the board what other brides have done and some suggested getting my own and having the rental company put them up. Well, I found this site that was recommended and it turns out that they are pretty cheap.


    I ended up asking the cartering company about having them work with the rental company and they came back with a $20.00 charge for each one that is going to be put up cause they are labor intensive. Guess there's  not much savings if I buy them myself. Hope you get a better response to your question. I need some help myself.

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    Do not laugh but I got mine at a DollarTree (I am from maine not sure if they have them stores where you are) and I got them there for only a dollar!! I need to buy small batteries for them, but I only got 20 so I do not think it will be to expensive. Not compaired to what you guys are telling me anyways..Good luck!

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  • We have black/white/fuschia lanterns, in a few different sizes, We got some at Michaels craft store, some at the dollar store, and a bunch from http://www.lunabazaar.com/. Im not planning on lighting any because we are having chrismas lights hung around. But we got them for a decent price. The ones from Lunabazaar are a better quality, but hung up you dont really even notice anything. And when everything is don e and over Im selling them!! Good luck!
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