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Back from Orlando (a few PIPs)/Rehearsal dinner dress AW PIP/I missed you all!!

Fiance and I had an amaaaaazing trip, but I realized yesterday that I had really missed knotting and all of you guys! I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend and I am excited to catch up on all of the chatting today!

We had such a great time in Orlando.  Other than a few aches and pains I suffered from the time that fiance threw me off of a jet ski (we were going about 60mph, hit a wave, he turned abruptly, and I literally flew about 15 feet through the air as I flipped in a circle before smacking my entire backside onto the water....thank god the alligators didn't eat me!)...the trip was flawless!

I didn't want to leave Harry Potter world. For anyone who loves Harry and hasn't been...GO!!! Here are a few pics:

fiance with his frozen butterbeer...MMMMM

With the Hogwarts train and conductor

me and Junior BM (cousin of fiance's who graduated over the weekend) - obviously this is in the Jurassic Park area and not Harry Potter world :)

Also, we hit up the outlet mall in Orlando while we were there, and I found my rehearsal dinner dress (finally!) at the BCBG outlet. It's a crazy layered and ruched piece of work with a sweetheart neckline, TONS of tulle and lace, and it looks like a little mini-wedding dress. My fiance loved it and convinced me to buy it, and it was over half off of its original $500 price tag! This picture really doesn't do it justice. Excuse the awkward picture and my sunburned arms from a long day of boating with an undersunscreened body:

I also bought another gorgeous dress that I forgot to take a pic of that is also BCBG, silvery blue with a deep V criss cross neckline, and a rhinestoned belt that I am going to wear to at least 3 or 4 of the upcoming weddings that we have - it was a $310 dress that I got for $100! I LOVE outlet shopping!

Re: Back from Orlando (a few PIPs)/Rehearsal dinner dress AW PIP/I missed you all!!

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    Looks like you had a blast (ouch about being flung through the air and that sunburn!).  I LOVE the dress!  It looks awesome in the pic so I bet its even more gorgeous in person!  I would love to take my 8 year old to the Harry Potter stuff.  She loves HP and I am sure she will love it even more when she reads the books!
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    That jet ski incident sounds AWFUL! You're lucky you didn't like break anything, ouch that sounds painful! Glad you're okay!

    I really like the RD dress, very fancy looking!
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    Love Love Love the dress!!!

    Sounds like you had so much fun :)  That is awesome!  I am so jel of you and HP world.. I am in Love with Harry Potter :)
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    So glad you had fun! LOVE butterbeer it was is so delicious!!
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    I LOVE Harry Potter... I've only heard good things about the park so I'm dying to check it out one of these days.

    Cute dress!  Outlets are the BEST.
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    What is butterbeer? I feel so lost!

    Love your RD dress! The BCBG outlets are my favorite outlets of all time. They always have gorgeous and unique dresses.

    I hope your sunburn heals quickly! Looks painful. I guess you skip the tanning this week!
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    Cute dress and happy to have you back! :)
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    thanks everyone!!!

    My sunburn actually was gone by the next day (thank goodness). my shoulders/arms always seem to get it the worst but everything is totally fine now!

    bmore butterbeer is what all the characters in the Harry Potter books drink. They sell it at Harry Potter World. Instead of going out for a coke or a coffee or whatever, the characters always go to get butterbeers in the books, so it was fun to try one in real life. The frozen version is basically a butterscotch slushie with cream on top, it was delicious!
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    LOVE the dress! Glad you had such a great time (:

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    Oooh gotcha. I have never seend Harry Potter or read the books, so I missed the reference. It sounds yummy, though!
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    I'm glad you had a fun trip! 

    And yay for the dress. It's looks beautiful. 

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    So glad you had a good time. That RD dress looks amazing on you!
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    glad you had a great time!!! Still pretty bummed out we didn't get to meet up this weekend!
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    OMG LM we totally should have met up!!! We were so busy I didn't have a spare minute to even get on a computer!! Don't worry, we will be back visiting the same family soon and I will make sure I email you when we do, they live in Windermere - is that anywhere near you??
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