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We are having our wedding on the beach and it has been both blessing and curse!  Blessing because the beach needs no decoration with the beautiful water as a backdop! BUT coming up with seating has been a beast!!  We are still very excited and up for the challenge.  Any ideas?

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  • You might find a lot of helpful info here as well:


    I would assume most people rent chairs for a beach ceremony.  The rental company should set them up and take them down for you.
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  • We thought about doing a standing ceremony on the beach and having only a few chairs for elderly and our parents. How many people are coming to your wedding?
  • I wanted to do the standing ceremony thing and people critisized us up one side and down the other. I think it's neat, it's going to be a small short wedding I don't get it. We still haven't decided what to do yet either.
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  • We're having everyone stand for our ceremony on the beach, but it'll only be 15-20 minutes long, and there will only be about 20 people in attendance.

    Rather than chairs, what about long benches?  They may be sturdier in the sand than chairs, and be a quicker option for a rental company to set up and then remove afterward.
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  • You know I was wandering the same thing. Except we may have up to 100 people (including children, not many elderlys (no one over 70). Its only going to be a 15 min ceremony too...lol why cant they stand! We got criticized too for thinking people can stand! I mean....what the hey, they can sit at the reception. But then again, everyone is travelling from MI and FL to SC, sooo I dunno either. Im stumped. I know we can rent chairs, havent found any benches. But they are about 3 bucks a chair...thats 300 for the seating. Egh. Prob going to have to bite my bottom lip with this one! :) I do want them to come :)

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