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Guests standing for ceremony?

We were thinking about having a quick outdoor ceremony in an old quary wooded area. It is called Saint Peters Village here in PA. Would it be rude to ask guests to stand for a quick maybe max 5 minute ceremony?  The ground is not flat and chairs probably wouldn't work out to well. Also how would you let guests know to wear comfy shoes becuase of the location? We are only inviting around 40 guests, not sure how many will actually come guessing maybe 20-30. It is also about a maybe 5 minute walk max from the parking lot to the location but it is on a gravel path. We have no guests with special needs, or who have problems walking.

Would you be offended by this?

Here is a picture of the area, you can actually see the resturant in the background. Mind you there are areas with flatter rocks closer to the edge.  I just can't seem to find any picture of it on the laptop.


Re: Guests standing for ceremony?

  • I just read the idea of having blankets put out for cold guests, but do you think this could also work for guests for ceremony? Put out a basket with small blankets to sit on the rocks on?
  • I would find this rude. Some people, do to health issues, may not be able to stand that long, even if it is only 5 minutes. Also elderly people may have trouble standing for that long. I really do think that the ceremony would last longer than that. Plus if they have to walk an extra 5 minutes to your ceremony site, people are going to want to sit down.  You should provide chairs for everyone.
  • I wouldnt be upset to stand for the ceremony if it is short. I dont see how you can get a ceremony in 5 minutes but I assume you have looked into it. If you have any elderly people coming out I would put some chairs out there for them in case they cant make it. Other than that, I think it is a beautiful spot for a small ceremony.
  • I recently attended a wedding where it was an outside ceremony. Gorgeous setting, however, there were only a certain amount of chairs rented for people and those were quite rightly reserved for the elderly guests. It was about a 30 minute ceremony and I was completely horrified by the entire thing. My 4 inch heels were digging into the ground the entire time and I noticed other women were having similar problems. It was a very hot day as well and overall a very uncomfortable experience, which was unfortunate given the lovely setting against the red rocks. As for asking people to wear comfortable shoes, I mean it might be a nice gesture but chairs would be best for everyone. 
  • I have health issues, but no one would know that. I'm fit active, and otherwise healthy..But...

    I have an issue standing when I'm not moving- my feet and legs swell so much, they become red and purple and extremely uncomfortable. I have to either start walking around to get the blood flowing or sit down to ease the discomfort.

    I wouldn't attend a ceremony if there wasn't a chair for me. Further, even if you had a few chairs but not enough chairs for everyone, if I was one of the lucky ones to score a chair, I would be feeling guilty the whole time that I get to sit and others don't.

    Please provide a chair for everyone.

  • It looks like a beautiful spot for a ceremony.

    I would ask the guests you intend to invite, and see how they feel. Personally, I would be fine with it. I would check and make sure that noone had any health problems, etc though..and if nothing else, perhaps grab a few chairs for those who just can't do it.
  • I didn't read anything but the title and my answer is no.  I don't like the idea of standing for the ceremony.  Just think about your elderly guests.

  • We're having an outdoor ceremony where chairs will be next to impossible as well.

    So what we will do is lay out picnic blankets that people can sit on instead.  That way people don't have to stand if they don't want to :)

  • Shigaites - thanks yeah i had posted about doing that. Offering blankets for people to use to sit on. There is no way in any way that chairs would work. They would not sit flat. We also have no elderly guests invited the oldest I think who is invited is my dad, he is in his late 50's.

    As for the ceremony we already eloped this "ceremony" is for our family who want a wedding. So we can have it as short as we would like because it is basically just simple and to the point, do you, yes, do you, yes. Okay done.
  •  I am also having a ceremony outside and chairs are only included for family and elderly guests.  It is at a winery and this is there standard set-up.  We are having a cheese and wine reception before the ceremony begins. We are asking that our guests bring their glass of wine with them to the ceremony spot overlooking the vinyards.  As far a rude...from the previous posts...there are alot of ways to get by and make everyone comfortable.  If there is a will there is a way.  My dad has Pancreatic Cancer and will be in a wheelchair at my wedding.  I want him to walk me down the isle so I am having my two boys push him down the isle.  My other guests are happy with the casual elegance of our ceremony.  If you set up a website on this site with pictures of the ceremony area and have your guests check it out.  They will know what they are needing to prepare for (shoes ect.)  Good luck.  Remember, this is your wedding. 
  • Since your wedding will be small, I would discuss this with everyone ahead of time just so they know what to expect.  And also, maybe offer an area for people to wait if for whatever reason they choose not to venture down to the cermony spot with everyone else.  You never know who might have an issue you're not immediately aware of. 
  • We're having a standing only ceremony as well.  We aren't having any elderly guests and it's only really friends and family. 

    I put a place on our wedding website for guests' attire and added that due to the weather guests needed to dress warm, etc.  I understand that not everyone has access to the internet so those that may/may not have health problems have been told by word of mouth that they need to dress warm, etc. 

    I think if it's a small ceremony and it's mostly people that you or your immediate family talk to on a regular basis that you could get the word out about the comfy shoes, no chairs, etc.  I've been to standing weddings and I've been to ones in chairs and honestly if it's a hot day and I'm in uncomfortable shoes it hasn't made a difference chair or no chair, I was still uncomfortable. 

    I don't think it's rude to your guests to have the wedding where you want to have it.  But I do think it would be rude not to try to let them know ahead of time in case they needed any accomodations or had any questions. 
  • I am having an outdoor ceremony with a venue that chairs wouldn't work well also.  We are getting chairs for the older guests, immediate family and those with disabilities.  I don't think it's rude if you keep it short.
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