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Seating at an outdoor wedding

 We are having an outdoor ceremony and our reception will take place at the same location. Would it be ok to seat everyone at their tables, for the ceremony or should we have them sit in rows and then move their chairs to the tables after? Only worried because we may have to set a tent up depending on the weather. Thanks for the help!

Re: Seating at an outdoor wedding

  • Hi there!

    I think I would prefer to sit for the ceremony in rows, however if the weather is not permitting then you can seat your guests at the tables as a back up plan. No one would think ill of you for it.

    As for moving the chairs - My suggestion is to ask and make arraignments for your ushers or groomsmen to handle this. If your guests choose to lend a hand moving the chairs to the tables then that's fine. You just want to make sure they don't feel like they have to do so. 

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  • I think sitting at the tables would be perfectly fine. I've seen this done many times and have been to a few weddings where we have done this. It is generally percieved well. So I say go for it.
  • If YOU don't mind them being seated at tables during the ceremony, then it is totally fine to do it that way. Personally, I prefer rows. But it's not like I would be offended or turned-off as a guest if I was seated at a table. I don't think it really matters. Just depends on the set up of the event space and what you prefer.
  • I would think rows would be better for seeing the ceremony but that is just me.

    I wouldn't have your groomsmen and ushers move the chairs- they are going to get all sweaty for pictures and the rest of the night.
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  • We had guests seated at there tables for the ceremony - we were married in our backyard.  We toyed with the idea of using rows,etc.  But, logistically, it just didn't make any sense.  It turned out really well and I ended up loving the set-up.
  •  Thanks to everyone for the advice.. may have to start doing some measurements
  • I sucked it up and paid to have extra chairs. Ceremony set up seperate from table set up.
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  • We are having the same set up at our wedding. I'm having the chairs in rows for the ceremony on one side of the backyard and on the other side, the tables will be set and waiting. Once the ceremony is over people can mingle and have cocktails while my new husband and I steal away a few moments inside. During that time I will be having the groomsmen and ushers move chairs but I know that our family members will help too. I'm not worried about the guys getting sweaty because the chairs are just the standard white wood folding chairs and I'm sure we'll have lots of volunteers to help!

    Also, I figure it this way... It's a backyard wedding at a family member's home!! It's going to be beautiful and elegant but not all stiff and formal. I think with an outdoor wedding you can get away with moving a few chairs! ((make sure if you're using an isle runner, you assign an usher to roll it up for you as the guests leave their seats so it doesn't get trampled while moving the chairs))

    It's ultimately your day and if you want the rows, ask some male family members to help with the chairs when it's time for the reception. If you'd like to have guests at tables, then do it that way. Tables give it a whole different feel and it's really up to you what you're going for! Wink
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