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Outdoor wedding with 6 guests

Hello - I was looking for some help in how to set up the ceremony space. The guests do not really fill up the space. There is a large grassy area surrounded by trees. Does anyone have any ideas of how to set up the chairs, how I should walk down the aisle, how the guests should stand/sit behind us? We are also on a budget so we cannot afford to buy large decorations. Thank you !

Re: Outdoor wedding with 6 guests

  • That part's easy! Just place the chairs into two sections, with an aisle down the center.
    Like this:

    You could do sticks lining the aisle directly next to the chairs, to form a walkway for free. I have seen it done artistically enough that it actually looked really nice. Or sprinkle flower petals along the edges, down the center, etc.
    Don't worry about your guests filling up the space, they don't have to. You're outside. Draw the eye to the center of the aisle, and to the spot where you're saying the vows. that's where everyones' eyes will be. There are a bajillion options for decorating an aisle. Search google images for "cheap aisle decorations"

    Find out where you want to "hide" before you walk down the aisle, and place the aisle and chairs in a direct line from that spot. Then your processional will go out, and your guests might stand when you walk down the aisle. Your officiant should tell them they can sit down when the ceremony starts.

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  • If you are having a very intimate wedding (and 6 guests would definitely fit into my definition of intimate!) maybe place the chairs in a sort of semi-circle in front of the ceremony space, with a gap in the center...having a semi-circle kind of closes in the space, and would maybe look less empty.  Drape some tulle swags along the backs of each group, with a bow on the ends, to dress it up and emphasize the circle created by the chairs and the ceremony spot. 
  • Both those ideas are great! the Semi circle would be cute, you could deff dress up those chairs very inxpensively  with tulle, I don't know what your colors are but if you check out michaels they useually have premade small pomander floral balls that are like 5 bucks if that, you could hang those off the sides of the outer chairs, or a small lantern. the sticks could be deff cute , you could even check out  michales/hobby lobby in the garden area they have the little stepping stones pretty in expensive that could line the aisle, and you could use those after wards in your own yard :)  GL!
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