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Groom/Groomsmen clothes for an outside, semi-casual August wedding

I am having a really hard time trying to figure out what is wedding appropriate but won't make all the men in the wedding feel hot and sweaty!  Does anyone have experience with this?

Thank you!

Re: Groom/Groomsmen clothes for an outside, semi-casual August wedding

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    Describe your vision of "semi-casual" please.  That will help.
  • Have you asked your FI what he thinks?  Turns out that my FI really, really felt strongly about wearing a suit even though I was thinking about something much cooler and more casual.
  • When I think of semi-casual for groomswear, it's usually dress pants, a nice buttoned shirt, and a tie.  Definitley not a tux or a formal suit whatsoever.  Not sure if that's what you're envisioning in your mind, but if it is then here are some examples that might work.

    Vests and matching slacks (they can take the vests off after pics if they get hot):

    Slacks, shirts, and ties (and a vest for FI):

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    The linen pants in the 2nd link, we used those for our GM.  They came from Cubavera, high quality clothing from this company.  Instead of purchasing from the site at a higher costs, we were able to find the same exact style and brand of pants at Macy's and Steinmart for much much cheaper, as they both carry the Cubavera line.

    Here are the pants we purchased:


    The were not as baggy as the pic shows and they were of high quality linen so you couldn't see through the pants at all.  The guys loved them and were very comfortable :)

    ETA:  They pants were $58 from Cubavera and only $34.00 from Macy's and Steinmart


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    [QUOTE]Have you asked your FI what he thinks?  Turns out that my FI really, really felt strongly about wearing a suit even though I was thinking about something much cooler and more casual.
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    I agree. I had something in mind like what OBX used and my H agreed...and then a few weeks before the wedding, he decided he wanted suits for all the guys. Most of the guys took their jackets off in the afternoon and then put them back on when it cooled off at night.
  • I'm having an August wedding outside as well. Our groomsmen are wearing brown textured dress pants, suspenders, button up shirt and a skinny long tie. They also decided to wear Toms for shoes instead of dress shoes. It looks nice with the outdoor setting but also dressy enough for a wedding.
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    I'm getting married in July and having a casual wedding. The groom and groomsmen are wearing black long sleeve button up shirts, black pants and a blue tie. Here's the favorite picture i've found to show what i mean (it's a fellow knottie's picture)

    159image 122image 37image
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    Were getting married in late July, and the ceremony & reception are outside. We are still in the planning stages for menswear but weve been gravitating towards khakis or grey dress pants with white button ups & rolled sleeves & suspenders (no tie), while the groom would have the same plus a vest, and maybe a vintage hat. I've seen some nice wedding images lately with khaki shorts and polo's, dress pants and button ups with bowties... 

    I've been really loving the ideas I get off the following site, it's nothing but grooms & their men!
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  • We are having much the same issue. Our theme is old Hollywood.... Guys are wearing suits and basic ties to match the color scheme. My Fianc is wanting a Bowie but I think it will be too hot. Are there lightweight suits available?
  • We are doing an August outdoor wedding and while not casual they one groomsmen will be wearing tan pants, a blue shirt, sandals and a tie.
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  • Fi is wearing khakis, a white button down shirt and an orange tie. There is no wedding party, but his two sons will be our "ring holders". They're wearing khaki shorts and orange polo shirts. It's a really casual backyard wedding in late August.
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  • We are having an outdoor August wedding as well, with the reception inside. The guys are all wearing black tuxes and FI is wearing his ASUs. They are all fine with it and it was FI request that they wear tuxes. We will have a shorter ceremony, so it should be fine.
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  • Check with your FI.  We're having a beach wedding and I was thinking khaki pants with a white buttonup with the sleeves rolled up.  He absolutely has to have white linen suits.
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    You have all been so helpful! I was worried that short sleeves wouldn't look nice enough but the pictures have definitely proven otherwise. I also COMPLETELY forgot about khakis but I will have to see if they will somehow work into our colors (light blue, medium-dark grey, and plum)...

    He really doesn't care what they wear. 

    My idea of semi casual is kind of broken into pieces and thoughts...
    • I will not be wearing a dress that touches the ground
    • No heels on anyone (because of the grass)
    • Guests can wear nice jeans and a nice top without feeling underdressed
    • Groomsmen wear slacks but not long sleeves (maybe we can do suspenders or bow ties to add some style!)
    • Bridesmaids in fairly basic knee length dresses
    • We will probably have a mix of potluck/catered food (my family loves cooking too much not to bring anything) and I don't want it to seem out of place like it would at a more formal wedding

    It's too early to know what dress will be THE ONE but the style I'm looking at is this: http://www.alfredangelo.com/collections/productdisplay.aspx?productID=53ab8138-1221-4f87-ac2c-09f2618f5d7a&categoryID=32e5a88c-cbf1-498f-afcf-dbfca138c5d3&pg=0&colorId1=

    So as long as I am the best dressed we will be okay :)

    Thanks again everyone!!!
  • My date is July 4th  it's going to blazing hot in San Antonio.
    The gentlemen are wearing guayberas, in many cultures this fancy-schmancy men's shirt is considered a suit.  You can get them with the lace piping in your weddign colours too.
    Our ceremony is going to be outside, with the reception indoors until sundown, then we will spill back otuside.  
    Below is the boys version.   You cannot really see how nic the lacig is, but it's cooler and dressier than your average button down.  
    the guys appreciate not having to have a tie in the heat too!

  • diddsrdiddsr member
    Getting married in ten days..Having an outside wedding in St Augustine. My guys are wearing  Tommy Bahamas short sleeve linen shirts and tan shorts..I just want everyone to be comfortable and have a good time..
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