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Indoor backup for outdoor wedding?

Hi everyone!

We are planning an outdoor wedding on 10/5/13 in a location that can handle up to a drizzle. My concern is hurricane/sideways rain, etc. I looked at a local fire hall hoping that I could maybe give them a couple hundred dollars to book it in case we need it. They want $800 though! Does anyone have any suggestions as to some kind of place that might take $100 or $200 to hold the date and I could give them the rest if we use it? We will be providing our own catered buffet and alcohol. Thanks in advance!

Re: Indoor backup for outdoor wedding?

  • You should look into Soundside Park in Point Harbor. It's waterfront and the have a nice sheltered area. I have seen private events held there before.
  • We are getting tents, they come with sides and everything. Hopefully we won't need them, but we are still get them!
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